If you own a car, there is information you should know to better its performance. One of the things that can affect the performance of your car is the air filter. Installing and cleaning your car’s air filter can boost the engine life, acceleration, and fuel economy. However, cars may experience errors when the air filter is not working well. This can be indicated by code errors such as P1101 Error Chevy Cruze. Knowing some of the symptoms of a spoiled air filter is important. When you notice these signs, you should consider repairing or replacing the air filter. Replacing your air filter can help you solve the following problems. 

Decreased fuel economy and performance 

Decreasing performance and fuel economy show that the airflow system is not working well and should be replaced. If the air filter gets dirty or spoiled, airflow is restricted, lowering oxygen during the air-fuel mixture. When this happens, the engine will consume a lot of fuel to enhance good performance. You will notice that the car will never respond as usual when accelerating. Another effect is that the car can be slow and sluggish. Know that the airflow system is dirty if you notice or realize signs. Replacing these systems can help you increase fuel economy and boost the car’s performance

Strange noises from the engine 

A car with an airflow system in good condition should produce smooth vibration when idling. If you hear sounds such as spitting and coughing noise, know that your air filter is not working properly. These strange sounds are mostly produced when the engine is not getting adequate airflow. This indicates that you should repair your air flow system or replace the air filter. When the air filter gets dirty, it will reduce the airflow, affecting the air-fuel mixture. This creates some residues that can cover your car’s spark plugs, preventing your car from starting properly. 

Produces black smoke in the exhaust 

This common sign will show that the airflow system should be replaced. As mentioned above, your engine will start consuming a lot of fuel or operating on a fuel-rich mixture when it is not getting adequate airflow. This mixture might not burn properly and come from the exhaust as black smoke. Sometimes you will notice the smell of petrol as the black smoke is produced in the exhaust. This is because when air enters the injection system, excess unburnt fuel exits through the exhaust. The solution to this error is to replace your airflow system. 

How to repair this error 

If you realize that the air filter is not working well, you need to get it replaced or repair the entire airflow system. There are different ways of correcting such errors. However, it is advised that you hire a car repair service provider to handle the work. Thousands of car repair companies can help you solve this problem. Consider hiring an experienced care repair expert by asking them how long they have been handling such work. Can they understand terms such as P1101 Error Chevy Cruze and correct them without problems? Good experts will also show you their license and insurance coverage plan. If you own a car, you must ensure that it can provide the services you need. These are the main things you will have to know if you want to boost the performance of your car.