Facebook is arguably the number one social media platform for driving conversions. One of the most influential metrics social marketers track on Facebook is conversion rates. A conversion is a point at which a user transforms from being a browser to a potential customer. A good conversion rate is one of the best measures of success and is responsible for delivering a solid ROI. When you create performance-based Facebook ads, you can generate more conversion than you gain by other means. That is why Facebook ads have become an integral part of your online business.

But these ads alone cannot do everything as you need to apply some strategies to improve Facebook ads performance. So, you might be wondering what those are. To learn about the ways, you should go through the below nine advanced techniques that will help you boost your Facebook ad performance significantly.

  1. Determine your conversion event

To improve Facebook ads performance, you should first define your conversion event before trying to convert the users. Facebook supports different kinds of conversions such as adding to wishlist, viewing content, initiating checkout, and purchasing. Apart from these, you can also form your custom conversion events. The most effective thing is to create separate ads for each goal, as it will help you to target your audience accurately. 

  1. Keep destination front of mind

An affordable digital marketing company in Bangalore suggests that take Facebook ads as your landing page. As a result, you should create them adequately by keeping everything in place. To do this effectively, you can consider the below tips-

●      Implement Pixel: After you have determined the page where you want the conversion event to occur, you should first implement Facebook Pixel code to track the event. Also, work to improve Facebook pixel performance to get more fruitful results.

●      Aim for Continuity: If your ad promises one thing, ensure the landing page delivers. After all, you never want a user looking for shirts to land on a shoe product page. 

●      Optimize for Apps:  Also, optimize the apps for mobile users. It will help you to boost your FB ads performance.

3. Customize Facebook Ad 

Writing ads that resonate with your target audience is another excellent way to improve Facebook ad campaign performance. The excellent thing is that you do not need to spend more money to do this effectively. As you might know, Facebook ads incorporate three text fields: headline, description, and primary text. But by using FC ads to optimize the text per person feature, you can shift these text fields around to different text fields to get better results. So, is it not a beneficial technique to boost ad performance?

4. Test multiple ad designs

Another advanced technique to improve Facebook ads performance is to test multiple ad designs. It is imperative because customers’ behavior and the Facebook ad platform are constantly transforming. Due to this, if you do not adjust the ads accordingly, you cannot boost their performance and affect your conversion negatively. So, while designing your FB ads, you should make at least three design variations and test them. You will see that various consumers respond differently to your ads. In the end, it will help you to boost ad performance. 

5. Get the customers involved

A Social Media marketing company in Bangalore opined that If you engage your customers with Facebook ads, boost the ad performance. An effective way to do this is to add testimonials in FB ads. Apart from this, you can customize your CTAs or Call to Action buttons to reflect the platform by requesting people to check the products directly on the thread where they located them. This technique is also effective when it comes to the matter of enhancing Facebook advertising performance.

6. Use SBA Copy Method

Another advanced technique to improve ad performance on Facebook is to use the SBA copy method to grab attention and maximize engagement with your ads by using the SBA Copy Method. This method helps you to gain people’s attention in the Facebook Newsfeed and boost your ads’ CTR by driving more users to your website. These ads are most effective when it comes to selling on Facebook. Hence, you can use this strategy to enhance FB ad performance.

7. Utilize the power of the Placement Asset Customization tool

The Placement Asset Customization tool or PAC enables you to tailor your Facebook ad creative asset to each of your placements. By adjusting or modifying your ad creative to suit each placement, you can enhance the relevancy of your FB ads. As a result, it also helps you to boost customer engagement rates and improve their overall effectiveness.

8. Pick the correct ad format

When you create performance-based Facebook ads, you should pick the most suitable ad format to boost ad performance. For instance, Adidas decided that using video with Facebook’s collection feature is a beneficial format for displaying multiple features. Due to this, Adidas have reduced cost-per-conversion by 43 percent. Similarly, if you apply this technique, you can also achieve the same and improve the performance of the ads as well.

9. Choose relevant ad images

Facebook’s News Feed is full of advertisements contesting the audience’s attention. So, you should use images that stand out for optimal Facebook ad performance. You should ensure that all the images are relevant, crisp, and uncluttered.

Successful Facebook advertising begins with correct positioning and strategy to improve the campaign effectiveness. Implement different ad tools and types to enhance the campaign performance.

Final words

So, these are some effective strategies through which you can improve the ad performance of Facebook without difficulty. All these techniques will also help you to gain more conversion. In the end, you will get more customers and can also generate higher revenue. Hence, do not waste time and apply these strategies to boost your FB ad performance.