In most cultures, eating represents union, coexistence and celebration. In Indian and Pakistani cuisine there is a dish that serves to unite families in these ways: the biryani. Perhaps you have heard of the varieties of curry or the huge range of spices that exist in the Bengal Peninsula. You will not find this dish so easily in food markets because the ingredients are expensive; If you see it, take the opportunity to try it! 

Biryani is a very popular dish at parties in India and the Middle East; however, few chefs have decided to take the recipe out of their country to show it off to the entire world. There are more than 10 interpretations of biryani. There are even discussions of the true origin of the dish, since it is a tradition shared between Iran, Pakistan and India. The Muslims, on their pilgrimage from Persia -today Iran- to India at the time of the Mughal dynasty (around the 15th century), began the tradition of mixing pork, rice, saffron milk and spices to have a complete meal. 

Today whoever consumes biryani does so to live together and share. It is made in large portions, just like families of Muslim tradition in this region. This is not an everyday dish. It is an effort that is made when something important happens, when there are reasons to celebrate.

We present you a mixture of the best biryani masala in India to give aroma to a rich Indian biryani rice, either only with vegetables or with chicken, meat or fish. You can make this mixture in relatively large batches and keep it in an airtight jar for weeks. Most people get confused between biryani masala vs garam masala but they are different.

Spice blend including cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, coriander, green chili, anise, black pepper, cumin, onion, mace, ginger, nutmeg, fennel, and salt. It is used in all Biryani dishes, whether they are vegetables, meat or chicken. A little of the mixture is sprinkled over the meat or vegetable preparation and then cooked.

In a pan over low heat and without any oil or water, we briefly toast each spice separately until they begin to give off a rich smell. The idea is to mark the aromas of the spices while ensuring that they are well dried before grinding.

When we have toasted all the spices and they are no longer hot, we mix them in a grinder or in a stone mortar and grind them into hyderabadi biryani masala powder as fine as possible. When we have finished grinding, we pass our mixture through a strainer to remove any large pieces that may have remained.

Store the mixture in a jar with an airtight lid. Use this mixture to flavor your next Indian biryani rice. The amount is to taste, but in India they would put a considerable amount of mixture, on the order of a tablespoon for every 4 people. The best biryani masalsa is usually added early in the process, briefly sautéed in ghee or oil before the other ingredients and the rice and cooking water are added. The biryani is also usually colored with turmeric, which can be added at the time of adding the rice.

If you don’t get it how to make biryani masala at home, you can try one of the best picks we have gathered for you:

MDH Biryani Masala:

MDH is a New Delhi-based spice manufacturer and the best biryani masala powder brand. An Indian spice manufacturer and supplier, Mahashian Di Hatti Private Limited (MDH) is a major player in the industry. In 1919, Mahashay Chunnilal Gulati established the spice business in Sialkot, Pakistan’s Punjab province. More than 150 different packaging solutions are available for MDH’s 62 products. Ground spices and blends without preservatives make up this category.

There are no artificial flavours or ingredients in the MDH Bombay biryani masala. Coriander, red chilli, dried plums, fennel, muskmelon, turmeric, cumin, cloves, garlic, mace, green cardamom and more make up the MDH chicken biryani masala, which gives your biryani a great flavour. It also contains a unique blend of spices.

Everest Biryani Masala:

Everest spices brand is owned by Everest Food Products Pvt Ltd and is one of the biggest biryani masala names. It is a producer, importer, and distributor of ground spices and spice blends under the Everest brand in India. It is India’s best-selling spice brand, with over 45 veg biryani masala varieties available in both pure and blended forms. Accepted and enjoyed by millions of households not only in India but also in over 58 nations throughout the world, Everest’s popularity ranges from the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Singapore.

Everest Shahi Biryani Masala is the ideal combination of the many fragrant spices necessary to produce an appetising plate of biryani. It saves you the time and effort of making the spice blend that gives Biriyani its distinct flavour. It is mostly a blend of flavouring spices and taste compounds that improve the scent of regular rice.

Mirza Sahab Biryani Masala:

Today the markets are stormed by the readymade spice mixtures. These various spice mixtures have become the necessity for most of the urban Indians. With both husband and wife working, and cooking not limited only to Indian women, these readymade spice mixes comes in handy. With the right proportion of the spices, the readymade spice mixtures take away the worry and makes cooking a breeze. But when there are more than 100 spice brands, the confusion comes which one to choose? Some of these spice brands are here for more than 50 years, and yes they are here because of their quality.

“Lucky Masale” is a brand that has lasted in the market and consistently produces the greatest spice blends. The best biryani masala are used by Lucky Masale, which performs stringent quality tests before distributing them to consumers. The biryani masala packet can differ in size and quantity.

Where to buy the best Biryani Masala?

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