We have all that you need to know about Sonic The Hedgehog Part One before the second one hits the cinema. If you have not watched the first part, what are you waiting for? The cheeky humor is bound to tickle your fancy because the Sega game finally has a live action that fans could not have been happier about. The blue hedgehog has been a protagonist of many books and cartoons, but in this movie it is voiced by Ben Schwartz. The plot remains similar to the Sega Genesis video game, where Sonic has super speed and is trying his best to fight Dr. Robotnik. Th:polis evil scientist is on a mission to end the world. We cannot wait any longer for Jim Carrey playing the role of the evil villain, Dr. Robotnik who is hell bent on destroying everyone and everything on his quest to world domination. This theatrical performance is loaded with great humor and sensational 3D animation that has gripped us. 

However, it begins with Sonic entering another dimension getting away from the wrath of Dr. Robotnik. He time travels to our world to get away from the villain who is trying to harvest his power for evil. Sonic finds himself confused in the rural town of Green Hill, Montana. The blue spikey cartoonish character grabs the attention of sheriff, Tom Wachowski who is played by James Marsden. Both team up to finally put a stop to the mad scientist from the interdimensional end to the world. Sonic and Tom team up to find the magical rings that will close the dimension and put an end to all this mess. Nonetheless, people started to notice the appearance and they had asked the evil doctor to hunt down the new talking hedgehog in town. So, in the end, we will be seeing a great blockbuster hit in the second part. We will be see the three main stars in the second part as well. They are Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz. Sonic has settled in Green Hills after fighting off Dr. Robotnik for freedom. Then, Tom and Maddie have agreed to go for a vacation while Sonic stays back at home. But this freedom lasts quite a small time because Dr. Robotnik is back with a new partner in crime, Knuckles. 

Both Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik are on the hunt for the emerald that has the power to destroy or build civilizations. But Sonic is back with his sidekick, Tails and they try to find the emerald before it gets in the hands of evil. We cannot wait to see what the movie has in store for us but we surely know that it’s going to something bigger and better than first part. One reason why children and even adults are eager about the upcoming movie is the character development. They love watching the cheeky humor combined with suspense to find the emerald. We cannot get enough of Mile Tails played by Amy Rose in the movie. The iconic teaming has us hooked, so all gamers cannot wait to watch the upcoming sonic movie. However, if you were looking for something sleek yet stylish from your favorite Sega game inspired movie, then look no further. Here at leather city we have all that you need, within budget! Yes, you heard us right. The Dr. Ivo Robotnick Trench Coat is available in wide range of size, cuts, and fits. The snug fit boosts your confidence while you rock the amazing look. So, look no further for Doctor Eggman Trench coat. It has been tailored to utmost perfection in a premium quality wool fabric that look exquisite all year around. Moreover, the soft inner lining of the Dr. Ivo Robotnik Trench coat adds to the longevity, durability and sturdiness of the design. 

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