2020 was the year of bread-baking frenzy as home-bound individuals were driven to their kitchens, their desire for favourite delicacies too strong to resist. Notwithstanding the cooking projects and gram-worthy food shots, kitchens have always been interior design focal points. 

While some prefer their kitchens to exude a minimalistic vibe, others are partial to a more rustic aesthetic. No matter which group you side with, a welcoming kitchen that invites others to cook and share meals takes more than just the right colour palette, furniture placement, new-gen cooking pots, or countertops. 

If you hadn’t thought before, an instant kitchen makeover could be as simple as investing in KT&CO Handles! Have second thoughts? Well, this guide will explain why kitchen cabinet handles matter in remodelling. 

Cabinet Handles: The Renovation Trick Nobody Told You About 

Aussies love renovating their homes! Still, the seemingly “insignificant” cabinets get left behind in the race. Are you also among 70% of homeowners who think kitchen cabinet handles are only as important as they look? Then, you need to think again!

This is because these handles take up much more visual space than you give them credit for. Just install cabinet handles in a contrasting colour and compare the before and after looks! You’d be surprised at the difference sophisticated handles make. 

Besides rendering a streamlined overall look to your kitchen, cabinet handles also perform other functions –

  • Their ergonomic design makes it easier for you to open doors and cabinets (even the bulky ones). 
  • Your kitchen is undoubtedly the corner where all the magic takes place in your home. Why not reflect that craftsmanship through the aesthetics of the surrounding area, mainly the kitchen cabinets? 
  • Believe it or not, the look of the cabinets (which affects the overall look of the space) will indirectly impact your mood and productivity. 
  • The handles interact with the rest of the space, tying it together. Their correct placement or lack thereof will significantly impact the ease with which you can open drawers or doors. 

Handles Rule, But What about Handle Rules?

So you see, something as simple as new cabinet handles can breathe life into your dated kitchen. However, just any handle won’t do the trick. Though it all depends upon your kitchen’s style, personal tastes, and the colour theme, you also need to consider consistency in look. 

For instance – If your modular kitchen has less than 20 cabinets, drawers, or doors, it’s best to stick to two kinds of handles, both in terms of style and finishes. More than 20 easily call for a third style, but if yours is a kitchenette with less than 12 cabinets, a single style will be sufficient. 

Other than the aesthetics, make room for utility. Doors or cabinets facing heavy hand traffic should have robust handles such as those made of brass. Also, make sure the handles are comfortable to grip, whether modern or vintage. 

And, it’s a wrap!

Choosing the right kitchen handle is not a matter of if but when. So, when browsing through your options, consider factors such as the quality, functionality, style, finish, size, and most importantly, the handle position. 

Investing in KT&CO Handles will give you the best of both worlds – ergonomic design and a wide range of styles and finishes. So, just install new cabinet handles for your next kitchen overhaul!