Spectrum TV is a part of Charter Communications. They are responsible for providing TV networks to over 28 million customers in the US alone. Spectrum TV also offers Internet bundle packages in which you pair the internet as well as phone connection along with your TV and pay a specific amount every month for all three.

Spectrum TV has three different TV networks available for its clients, Spectrum TV select option, Spectrum TV Silver and finally, Spectrum TV Gold.

Let’s look at the salient features of Spectrum TV Silver

  • Super easy subscription method
  • Over 175 channels available to the users
  • The cost is pretty nominal. They charge only $74.99 every month for 12 months.
  • They offer excellent customer services
  • The channels include HBO max, Showtime, Nick Jr, NFL network and many more
  • Availability of free HD
  • You can enjoy thousands of one demand titles depending on your needs and wants.
  • There are no risks and no contracts included in the package.

The best part of the Silver Spectrum channels is that they offer you over 175 channels to choose. You can get the best channels for sports, news, kids, and entertainment in high definition. However, the Spectrum offers don’t end here. If you get Spectrum TV Silver, you’ll also get amazing channels like HBO max, NFL network, Showtime and many more. The customers are also given free access to the Spectrum TV app.

If you do not like the channels or the network of Spectrum, you can go for the 30-day money-back guarantee.

In the sports section, Spectrum TV Silver has amazing channels for sports enthusiasts like the NFL network etc.

The amazing features of the Spectrum TV Silver package are never-ending. There is also the availability for the customers to avail a free ‘primetime on demand’ feature. This feature offers the viewers a chance to get their favorite shows on primetime for no extra cost at all. Basically, you can choose to have your show shown at any time of the day as per your choice. Furthermore, if you choose to subscribe to Spectrum TV Silver, you will be allowed to watch all the pay-per-view content as well.

Spectrum TV Silver and Internet bundle packages

Only having a TV network is not enough these days. You must have an internet connection at your home as well. Spectrum can cover both of these crucial areas of your household. The primary feature that separates the Spectrum network from all the other TV service providers is that Spectrum has opted to use a hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure. This allows them to sweep you off your feet with their amazing superfast internet speeds. In case you are living in an area where fiber-coaxial infrastructure is not available, the network will switch automatically to the cable wires without hampering your internet connection in terms of speed or quality.

The specific benefits of the Spectrum TV Silver and internet packages are:

  • You get to have over 175 channels
  • Availability of free HD
  • The option to stream live TV by the Spectrum TV app
  • Availability of download speeds over 200 MBPS
  • Availability of unlimited data
  • Free antivirus software
  • Free Internet modem
  • You can also avail long-distance and nationwide calling.
  • Extremely budget-friendly and will also not burn a hole in your pocket.

When you come back home from a long day spent working at your office, you want to relax, destress and unwind. Let Spectrum help you with that. You can set your favourite shows to come at the time when you are home and relaxing. This way, when you switch on the TV, you will not have to put through any shows that you do not like. With the availability of over 175 channels, you will get channels relating to documentaries, kids, movies, sports, news etc. Basically, whatever your heart desires, the Spectrum TV Silver network is there to fulfil it.

If you are a lover of sports, you will get the NFL network. If you are a movie buff, they have Hallmark channels and many other channels for movies. If you are looking for channels for your kids, then there is the availability of Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and so much more. If you are a person who prefers to stay updated with the latest news around the world, Spectrum TV Silver has Fox News, CNN, et cetera for you.

In the current pandemic affected situation, you never know when the next lockdown will occur. Under such unpredictable circumstances, the best choice is to be prepared with a fully equipped internet connection as well as a TV network at your home so that the lockdown is not as excruciating. Spectrum TV network should be your TV and internet network of choice.