Landscape design is the process of creating attractive, eye-appealing, and colorful landscapes using tools and proper guidelines. Whether you are looking for inspiration to draw ideas from or trying to come up with designs to customize your landscape, knowing the basic principles of landscape design is essential. It ensures the balancing and harmony of the landscape’s elements. These principles will increase your creativity while helping you generate novel and innovative ideas. If you’re new to this concept and need professional assistance, call the professionals for landscape design in Sacramento

The basic principles of landscape design comprise balance, focalization, color, contrast & harmony, proportion, and unity. Let’s examine each of them separately. 

Basic Principles of Landscape Design

  • Balance-

Balancing in the landscaping design is a substantial factor that defines symmetry. People feel more comfortable and relaxed in the landscapes that evoke a sense of balance. Mainly, there are two types of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Symmetrical balance is often seen in formal landscapes when two sides of the landscape are identical. These landscapes include geometric patterns in the walkways, planting beds, and the pruning shape of the plants. Asymmetrical refers to informal balance, which differs from one side to the other and seems relaxing and free-flowing. 

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  • Focal point-

Every garden has a focal point that appeals most to the viewer. It can be a fountain, front door, attractive sculpture, etc. Although it isn’t necessary to include a focal point in each area of the landscape, people are attracted more to interesting plant forms, vibrant hues, artistic or architectural design, and sculptures. If you want to incorporate some eye-appealing elements in your garden but don’t know how to accomplish that, call the Sacramento landscape design professionals to make your garden exquisite. 

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  • Unity-

It is one of the basic principles of landscape design that brings repetition and consistency to the design. Repetition in landscaping entails repeating components such as plants and design. Consistency promotes unity by confining the landscape elements to create a common unit or design theme. 

  • Contrast and harmony-

This principle’s primary goal is to break up the monotony of the landscape. Contrast helps highlight the beautiful elements in your garden, while harmony facilitates the composition of the landscape elements to look unified. 

By juxtaposing landscape components with complementary hues side by side, you may provide contrast and harmony to your garden. Also, use the services of tree pruning and tree trimming in Sacramento to keep your trees healthy, as they are the significant element of the landscaping. 

  • Color-

Incorporating soothing and attractive colors in the landscaping can give your design the dimension of real life. Using warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow makes an object seems closer, while cool colors such as blue and green are used to create a perspective.  

  • Proportion-

It refers to the size of the element in the landscaping relating to others. This principle is a vital consideration in garden construction that needs little planning and thought. An inappropriate proportion will make the objects look taller and smaller in size. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure all the elements have proper proportions. 

Implementing these principles for designing a landscape can be an enjoyable way of unleashing your creativity. But as a beginner, you’ll find it a bit overwhelming. If you want to revamp the curb appeal of your garden, contact the best landscape design company to create a visually appealing landscape. Search for the “affordable landscape design near me” on the internet to get the top results for the landscaping companies.