Unexpectedly finding yourself with no hot water in the middle of the shower is one of those panic-inducing situations. You all have experienced this situation once in your life. The first thought that usually comes to your mind is if you need to call an expert for water heater repair in Sacramento. Although this might be true in some cases, it doesn’t always require a professional’s help. 

Here are some of the most common reasons for instant gas hot water not working and how you can fix it. 

  1. Broken Circuit Breaker-

An unexpected transient voltage can sometimes cause your electronic appliances to damage their circuit breaker. Head towards the electric panel and inspect whether the water heater switch needs reset. 

  1. The Water Heater’s Fuel Supply Shut Off-

Probably, someone has switched off the valve if you have a gas or propane water heater. Eventually, your water heater can’t supply the hot water without gas. Hence, ensure the gas valve is open. If you smell the gas or hear some hissing sound of a gas leak, perhaps your gas line needs repair. Contact the plumbing company in Sacramento to fix your gas line. 

  1. The Pilot Light Is Out-

New water heaters don’t have pilot lights, while the older gas water heater requires them. The water heater not working might be due to the pilot light going out. But you can resolve this issue. Find instructions in the user’s manual to relight the pilot light on the side of the water heater tank. You can even use the online instructions from the manufacturer. However, you should still consult professional plumbers in Sacramento for a water heater pilot light issues. 

  1. Problem With Water Heater’s Burner-

Burners can occasionally fail to ignite, resulting in cold water. However, these issues require a professional repair, but you can inspect if this is a problem by considering the below steps:

  • Wait till your burner gets off. But if it’s already off, you probably have no hot water. When it’s off, set its thermostat to 120°F. 
  • Turn the hot water on from the faucet and continue to run for a minute. 
  • Examine if the burner ignites. If it does, adjust the temperature as needed. 
  • There’s a more severe problem if your burner doesn’t ignite. You might need professional assistance to repair it. 

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  1. Insufficient Water Heater’s Capacity-

Sometimes a couple of showers in a row can result in finishing the hot water stored in the tank. If you have a storage-tank water heater, this might be the issue. Once the stored water gets used, the next person to shower will experience water not getting hot. You can apply the following options:

  • Wait until the hot water fills up again
  • Replace your water heater with a bigger tank
  • Switch to tankless water heater

Is Your Heating Element Faulty?

A water heater requires more than one heating element to get hot. These elements become less effective at heating water if there’s an accumulation of sediment. Heating elements can damage or become inefficient over time, even if there’s no sediment build-up. During that time, your water heater will provide lukewarm water throughout the home. But, you can restore hot water by contacting an experienced plumbing company. You can look for “hot water repair near me” to get prompt service, as the local plumbers can reach your place swiftly.