Home Decor With Washi Tape

Are you searching for an effortless way to add some festive flair to your home? Washi tape is the perfect solution. Not only is it cost-effective and beautiful, but it comes in an array of colors and patterns as well.

Create a stunning aesthetic with furniture, accessories and walls adorned in silver for an eye-catching effect that’s sure to wow everyone.


Add some flair to your home decor without breaking the bank. Plus, washi tape can easily be removed if you want to switch up the color or design of your wall art.

One of the coolest ways to decorate walls with washi tape is by creating DIY wall art projects. You have a wide range of designs and colors available, ensuring you find something that suits your aesthetic perfectly.

If you have a large blank wall in your living room, try creating an eye-catching symmetrical design using custom washi tape. Start by creating a square pattern in the middle and then adding strips of equal widths on either side for experimentation. It’s an excellent opportunity to test out different colors and patterns before making other changes to your wall decor.

Another way to incorporate washi tape into your home decor is by giving furniture and accent pieces a fresh look. For instance, you could jazz up tissue boxes, recipe boxes, or serving trays by decorating them with tape.

Create a decorative look with colorful craft tape by attaching it to your closet door. You could even paint the front of your door in a complementary color to the tape you used for the wall plate.

This project is ideal for dorm rooms and other temporary locations where wall decorations need to be kept. However, be mindful when peeling away the tape as some tapes may leave residue on your walls when removed.

To avoid this issue, start by installing some test panels on a smaller section of your wall first. After that, you can decide if you want to continue with the project or not.

If you’re feeling creative, why not use washi tape to draw a cityscape or create wall art like the multi-colored mountains in this nursery. Wall decorations like this are an excellent way to brighten up your room and make it more eye-catching.


Washi tape is an incredibly versatile decorative tape, ideal for creating many different projects. From handmade cards to bullet journals, washi tape can add a unique and beautiful touch to any venture.

Washi tape on furniture is an inexpensive and simple way to give your room a stylish new look without painting. A strip of tape along the edge of shelving units, tables or dressers, drawers or lampshades will instantly add color and flair to any home.

One of the benefits of using washi tape on furniture is its removability; you can quickly switch up your design if you get bored with one pattern or another. This means you don’t have to wait long to update your decor!

Another fantastic advantage of washi tape is its low tack adhesive. This ensures it won’t chip paint or ruin a surface like foam tape or glue tape might. Furthermore, you can use it on various materials like paper and fabric without fear of ruining them like foam tape or glue tape would.

When applying washi tape to furniture, make sure the surface is clean so the adhesive sticks properly. This is especially critical if you plan to cover a large area such as walls or bed frames with it.

Once you have your patterns and colors selected, begin cutting the tape. Either purchase a variety pack or select some of your favorite designs to start with. After selecting your patterns and colors, start cutting away at the tape!

When cutting tape for a straight edge, be sure to do it carefully with scissors or a ruler. Alternatively, if you don’t require an impeccable edge, pull up on the tape with your fingers instead.

For a more durable washi tape decoration, decoupage is an option. This glue-like mixture is easy to apply and gives your washi tape decoration a more secure appearance; however, be mindful that decoupage may become unstable when exposed to hot liquids or cold surfaces and peel away too soon.

Table lamps

Add some flair and personality to your home decor with washi tape printing. This easy-to-use tape will have a huge impact in the space.

If you’re fond of washi tape, then why not give your table lamp shades a pop of color by lining them with it? It’s an understated way to make your lampshade stand out from other items in your home.

Tape can also be used to wrap around the cord on your lampshade, giving it a stylish and budget-friendly touch!

Another way to decorate your lamp is by covering the sides with a pattern. You can select from various colors or just opt for one that complements your room’s theme.

You can also use tape to give your light switch panels and outlets a colorful makeover. This is an easy project that will transform your lampshade into an eye-catching accent piece for your home.

In addition to tape, fabric and modge podge can also be used to give your lamp a stylish new look! Fabrics may be more costly than tape but it’s worth it for such an enjoyable and creative project.

If you find that you have too many washi tape rolls piled up in your drawer, a simple solution to store them might be to create a tape holder. This idea was shared by scatteredthoughtsofcraftymom and requires only a few materials – including a dowel or rod and panel.

Add some flair to your tape collection by decorating a box with washi tape. Doing so will keep all of your washi tape neat and organized.

Washi tapes come in an array of colors and patterns, perfect for scrapbooking or card crafting. You could also use them as embellishments on planners or other paper crafting projects.

These tapes are highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged by kids or pets. Plus, they’re easy to use and won’t leave behind any sticky residue behind.

Race tracks

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile and biodegradable paper-based product available in an array of colors and patterns. It’s effortless to apply and remove from most surfaces, making it the perfect way to spruce up your home decor!

With some washi tape, even the simplest tea light holder or mason jar can be transformed into something breathtakingly beautiful. You could also use it to highlight wall plates and other decor pieces for an eye-catching effect without breaking your budget. What an inexpensive way to add color and texture!

Create unique fridge magnets with some washi tape! Make a pattern out of stripes, match it to your wallpaper or go all out – the possibilities are endless!

For children, this is an exciting activity. Create a racetrack out of letter cardboard using washi tapes and let the kids have fun creating new designs as they play!

Constructing a racetrack with your children is an excellent activity to encourage their imagination and promote recycling. Not only will it teach them about sustainability, but it will also get their creative juices flowing!

Another enjoyable project is using a magnetic racetrack on a blackboard. You can add different colored strips of tape and customize the design according to your child’s interests over time, making this activity ideal for birthday parties!

Teachers appreciate washi tape for classroom organization and crafts as well. It makes dividing class sections simpler and more enjoyable!

Instead of using plain duct tape to label different book groups in the classroom, try adding strips of color-coded washi tape. That way, students can quickly identify their group and the books contained therein.

Make a personalized and unique gift by taping tape onto a pencil! Kids will have fun personalizing it with their favorite colors and designs!

Are you planning a big birthday party, school event or just want to add some zest to your home? These 15 washi tape ideas will inspire creativity and maximize the potential of your walls!