When travelling through Australia, few people go to Western Australia. Even fewer travel all the way to the far north, to the Kimberley area, where Broome is situated. Broome is practically in the midst of nowhere. That much is true: it is very far away. The closest cities are Port Hedland, which is six hours to the south, and Derby, which is 3 hours to the east. 

The town of Broome, however, has a ton of fantastic things to offer, from exceptional cultural encounters to breathtaking natural beauty. It’s a lovely area to visit whether you’re planning Broome tours throughout Australia on a budget or just looking for a cool spot to enjoy the winter sun. 

The Best Activities in Broome 

There are numerous activities to do in Broome, so you probably won’t be able to accomplish them all in one trip. There are many exciting outdoor activities in Broome, such as seeing the Staircase to the Moon at high tide, taking in the scenery of Roebuck Bay, cliff jumping, and discovering dinosaur footprints. 

Alternatively, stroll around the town and see the Sun Pictures Theatre, as well as the many breweries, art galleries, and museums that showcase Western Australia’s distinctive character. However, to get you started, here are the top things to do in Broome.

  1. Discover Chinatown 

A tour through Chinatown in Broome will give you a sense of the town’s rich heritage. When it was learned that the village was a well-known location for pearling, its popularity increased. Many immigrants from Asia arrived in the early years of the business to work on the pearling boats. This contributes to the multicultural society that Broome has maintained over time. Therefore, the town gave this region the name “Chinatown.” 

Numerous pearling stores, Aboriginal art galleries, restaurants, and cafes can be found in the area just north of Town Beach, and the region’s distinctive architecture is genuinely unique. 

It’s one of the more well-liked sights in Broome, both among tourists and residents. 

  1. Galleries of Aboriginal Art

In Western Australia’s Kimberley Region, there is a strong indigenous history. As a result, Broome is home to numerous art galleries. Some of these art galleries are in nearby towns, while others are farther away. The majority of these art galleries allow visitors for free, and the artwork is frequently for sale. Every art enthusiast visiting Broome should visit the art galleries. 

  1. Sunsets on Cable Beach

The sunsets at Cable Beach are well-known all over the world. Seeing the sunset over the Indian Ocean from a beach is an unforgettable experience. Sit on the beach and take in a Western Australian sunset while sipping your preferred drink. Or, if you have a 4WD vehicle, drive it beyond the rocks and along the beach in search of your own exclusive sunset vantage point. No one can escape the Broome tour’s tourist experience, which includes watching the sunset at the beach. 

  1. Road to the Gibb River

The impressive Gibb River Road is located a little further out, on Derby’s other side. This is among the most breathtakingly stunning sights in Australia’s Broome as well. The Kimberley region is at its best in this location with its stunning gorges, magical-looking waterfalls, and challenging 4WD trails. 

It’s simple to go to Windjana Gorge from Broome, one of the best locations in the nation to watch freshwater crocodiles. Additionally, you may get to Tunnel Creek, a system of underwater caves that features Aboriginal art and unusual fauna. Make a reservation for this guided trip with Get Your Guide if you want to see these magnificent animals up close. 

To get to Broome from these points of interest, turn around and return to the highway. There are many more attractions along the Gibb River Road, including Galvan’s Gorge, Bell Gorge and El Questro Park, if your travels take you west. 

  1. Whale Watching

Huge groups of humpback whales move north to reproduce from June to September. They journey from Antarctica to the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean close to Broome. There is a considerable probability that you will encounter humpback whales if you go to Broome during whale season because they spend a few months there mating and raising their young. 

4.5-hour dolphin cruises on a spacious catamaran are the ideal way to watch them. With the onboard hydrophone, you’ll be able to hear these wonderful animals’ sounds in addition to seeing them up close. There are some beverages and snacks provided. In the months of July and August, whale sightings are probable. If you visit Broome during these months, make sure to go on a whale watching cruise.

Take Away

Travellers to western Australia frequently stop in Broome. Sometimes it marks the beginning or end of a journey. Others use it as a crucial rest point on their route from Perth to Darwin. Furthermore, it is a fantastic location for dolphin cruises. There are flights from Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, and Melbourne to Broome. You’re almost certain to fall in love with Broome once you get there, regardless of how you decide to travel there.