Snooze from regular life and select a way of enjoying your life. It is true that in this competitive world, we have too many responsibilities to keep a check on. All that brings us to the fact of not enjoying our lives to the fullest. But it is necessary to take a break from everything and let them go. Do so by visiting the most welcoming city of Abu Dhabi. The place is known for its warm gesture toward visitors. This fact can be elevated by choosing the right activities while staying there. Well, of course, a staycation is a good yet all that needs to be taken to the next level. Do that by picking a few ideas from the list of ideal destinations below. Before going to such places, you need to make reservations. Do so by using the Yas Island coupon or similar discounts.

Al Jahili Fort

The first place on this list is the Al Jahili Fort. It is the biggest fort in the United Arab Emirates which was built in the late 19th century. The fort is regarded as the best heritage that shares about history and civilization. The monument is perfect for spectating royalty as it is a power symbol by Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa I. The 1890 architecture is beautiful, and anyone interested in archaeology should check out this place. The prodigious history lies in the Oasis of Abu Dhabi. For tourists, they have a few shows and performances, which makes the whole experience even better. 


Marina Mall

If you want to enjoy technological advancements, then go to Marina Mall. It is one of the best malls in the UAE. It might be a little smaller than the Dubai Mall, but it is so easy to travel around. The five-floor building has the biggest brands, a movie theatre complex and food courts. The infrastructure is gorgeous, to begin with. Next, they have had several exciting events and achieved the position to be a top destination to travel in Abu Dhabi. There are a few other indoor experiences, which include park rides for kids of all ages. 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Next is the place everyone who loves beautiful architecture should visit once in a lifetime. The spot is none other than the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and the details are stunning. The mosque is known for the world’s largest marble floors and gold lead spires. Every intricate design of this place showcases a surreal aura. The place represents global unity. So, to find your inner peace visit this place. The chandeliers are made of glided steel and brass. About 40kg of gold is used in these decorations. The mosque was built in 1994, and in around 2007, it was inaugurated.

Yas Island

The next on the list is not anything historical but something that makes history with its greatness. It’s none other than Abu Dhabi’s most visited destination Yas Island. It is basically an Island with fun. The activities and attractions are out of this world. The place contains several amusement and theme parks. It is a total entertainment zone which will refresh your mind. The location begins with Ferrari World, Yas Waterland and Warner Bros World. It even has other thrilling locations, such as Formula 1, which is called the Yas Marina Circuit. Or if you are just looking for some food and shopping spaces, then they have Yas Mall. Book the tickets and reservations to this place using theYas Island discount or offer. 

Emirates Palace

The last must-visit place on the list of Abu Dhabi’s attractions is the Emirates Palace. It has an awesome architecture which will call for your interest. This palace is a place which is open on all days and provides stay spaces. You can go here to click some pictures and eat the tastiest meals in Abu Dhabi. The opening hours are from 2 pm, and it is worth the visit place. Feel like royalty by enjoying the services here. The place covers a variety of attractions, including pools, a natural bay, a spa, dining spots and a private marina. The oriental place will always remain a top choice for every tourist. 


More Ideas To Travel

There are always unending ideas to travel, but these few handpicked options are recommended by trip operating websites and travellers. So, create unforgettable moments at these beautiful destinations. Visiting these places is like refreshing your mind and recharging the battery of your soul. Do make sure to plan these out with friends or families rather than alone. Why? Because the more, the merrier. Although it’s completely fine to go alone as you can make new friends on the journey.