Taking outdoor wedding pictures can be challenging, especially when you’re unaware of the drawbacks and the possible ways to tackle them. 

So, here in this blog, we’ve brought you some “sure-to-work.” tips that’ll enhance your overall outdoor photography experience. Whether it be the night-time or during the mid-day, these tips will surely help you capture some of the most aesthetic wedding pictures of all. 

Therefore, with no further ado, let’s binge on knowing some astounding outdoor wedding photography tips

8 Sure-to-Work Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips 

Here in this section, our photography experts and professionals have shortlisted the top 7 tips they have implemented and achieved significant results. So, don’t skip any of it and read until the last tip to get the best picture under your lens. 

  1. The Right Light Control

Outdoor wedding photography can be a nightmare only because of uncontrollable light exposures. You can change the timeline or add artificial light, but without the right control, it’s always going to be a blunder. 

So, unless you want people squinting or having dark circles under their eyes from the light, you’ll have to overcome this challenge.

Therefore, the best solution here would be to seek shades. This can be a large oak tree or even a building. These soft shades can aid you in clicking some astounding pictures with the right light saturation. 

Experts’ Note: Sunny backgrounds will always be blown out when exposed to shaded subjects. So, check your exposure and don’t mix dark and bright elements. 

  1. Sun Direction Control

Surely, the sun can’t be moved, but we can. So, if the sun’s directions aren’t in your favor, the best option here would be to take side pictures of the couples. In this way, you won’t have to work about the light burst and overexposure. And this can also help you to take some lavishing and mind-blowing wedding clicks. Therefore, when the sun’s out of control, turn your camera for some side captures. 

  1. Take Down Distractions

As photographers, we know how annoying overhead lines and electrical wires can be, especially when it hangs beside or behind the subject. So, the only suggestion here would be to avoid such places and seek those backgrounds that will spice up the entire picture. Finding clean backdrops for your images can also aid you in reducing distractions. Having a proper background is the key to beautiful wedding photography for brides

  1. Don’t Overlook the Foreground

Most photographers tend to neglect the foreground. Honestly, the foreground provides context and directs the viewer’s sight; these foregrounds can also be layered. Moreover, adding layers to a photo may create the most aesthetic context that will spellbind the entire picture. 

  1. Exposing for Highlights

Exposing for highlights can be one of the most lethal tools to generate the most astounding pictures. It involves avoiding overexposed areas in photos. A photograph cannot be recovered from overexposure. 

Even very dark sections of photos can be recovered with modern cameras and editing tools, but blown-out highlights are challenging.

If your subject is the brightest part of the scene, expose it. Darkening the remainder of the photo highlights a dazzling subject.

Exception: If anything is brighter than the subject (i.e., the backlight of the window or sunlight), fading to white can be a great option. Remember overexposing draws the eye to the brightest region of the photo, and bright areas can distract from your subject.

  1. The Dynamic Range

Dynamic range can be a lifesaver in harsh light, and it can surely enhance your overall skill as a photographer. 

In addition to a high-quality camera, a graded neutral density filter can help. Operating fast is cumbersome, but it can help balance sun and shade.

Polarizing filters are also beneficial. However, it doesn’t help dynamic range but cuts reflection well. This improves exposure and balances highlights and shadows.

But do remember, polarizers can empty your pockets, so think twice before getting one for yourself. After considering the background’s dynamic range, consider how to highlight the couple. Sometimes it’s about finding or producing light, and sometimes it’s about framing.

  1. Night Photography Can be a Challenge, Be Prepared

Nighttime outdoor wedding photography is a challenge for any photographer. Well, no worries, as long as you can make enough light, you can take on some serious pictures. 

Remember, a nice night photo requires patience, so having someone cover the dance floor can assist. Having a teammate stand in for a photo can help you see the shot before taking the pair outside.

For instance, if its weddings in Hawaii, then you simply can take astounding night time photographs if you have the right assistance and equipments with you.

Experts’ Tip: Don’t forget your tripod, light source, headlamp, and anything to denote where the pair should stand.

  1. Always Keep an Eye on the Highlights

While taking any pictures, it’s vital that you always check on the highlights of your environment. The different light highlights can distort the overall beauty of the image. 

So, as a photographer, it’s your responsibility that you always keep an extra eye on the external light sources and reflections. 

For instance, if the bride is wearing a white dress and the groom is in black, you can look for backgrounds that are comparatively brighter in colors. 

Now, you may wonder why so? Well, the answer is pretty simple. When the background is a bit bold, the subject (which is your bride and groom) would have more lens focus. Plus, there’s little chance of unwanted highlights that can make the picture dull. 

Therefore, keeping the highlights in mind will indeed ensure your photographs stand out. 

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, we believe you should now know all the essential tips and tricks to capture the most astounding wedding pictures of all. However, remember that you’re always prepared with your equipment and necessary items before you take on any wedding photography projects. This makes you look professional and, most importantly, aids you take perfect clicks with ease.