Pakistanis living abroad can obtain a NICOP, which stands for National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis. NICOP is a specific card for genuine and lawful Pakistanis. Initially, it was only available to Pakistanis who had been living abroad for six months or had dual nationality. However, any Pakistani citizen can now obtain it. People with a Pakistan connection, such as marriage to someone with a CNIC, SNIC, or NICOP, can apply for a POC, or Pakistan Origin Card. POC, like NICOP, allows you to enter Pakistan without a visa for as long as you desire. However, POC holders are not eligible to vote.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

NICOP is a registration document issued to eligible Pakistani citizens residing abroad or with overseas links. Any Pakistani citizen can apply for a Nadra Card Renewal UK, which allows them to travel to Pakistan without a visa, especially if they have dual nationality.

Preparation of Documents:

The following documents will be required to issue a NICOP to you;

  • CNIC/Manual NIC (Self)
  • Pakistan Passport or US Passport (Self)
  • Parents CNICs or NICOPs (To apply for children NICOP)
  • Birth Certificate


Obtaining your NICOP online is a simple process that ensures the continuous validity of your identity document and the benefits that come with it. Begin by going to the website and logging in with your login and password. After logging in, go to the “NICOP” tab and accept the terms and conditions. Select the option that says you want to obtain a new NICOP. For additional support, you can easily contact a NADRA professional via Online Chat or WhatsApp. Follow their instructions and fill out the renewal form, including any required papers such as a recent photo and proof of address. Complete the online payment and submit your application. Keep track of the status of your renewal by checking your account, where you’ll receive regular updates. NICOP is not only essential for maintaining your identity, but it is also necessary for enjoying benefits such as visa-free entry into Pakistan, keeping your position as a regular citizen of Pakistan, and accessing essential services.


Regardless of resident status or dual nationality, obtaining an online NICOP card application in the UK is a simple procedure for eligible Pakistani nationals. Go to Nadra Card Center London, sign in, and choose “NICOP” while accepting the terms. Selecting to receive a new NICOP initiates the procedure. For support, get in touch with NADRA staff via WhatsApp or online chat. Pay online, fill out forms, send in the required documentation, and abide by their directions. Track progress with account updates. To get benefits like entering Pakistan without a visa, retaining citizenship, and gaining access to services, NICOP is important. It is essential to renew on time to prevent inconvenience. We guarantee Pakistanis living abroad can get a flawless experience throughout the entire procedure with,uk.