The rising number of suicides is a concern amid all the covid. Did you know about the suicide of a cheerleader at a southern university? You might be interested in learning more about this subject.

This is the place to find all relevant information. The United States people are curious about the fate of the body that was found in the Mississippi River. We recommend that you read the entire article to learn all about Southern University Cheerleaders Suicide 2022.

The Arlana suicide:

Arlana, a Southern University student, was found dead in the river by her family after they were worried about her whereabouts. According to reports, she posted a goodbye note on social media. She wrote that she had suffered a lot during her time in covid, and that there were many other reasons.

She stated that she had written several suicidal notes before but wasn’t in a position to post them. However, this time she was at her breaking point. She broke down and stated that no one was to blame for her Suicide. She did it because she wanted mental peace.

Arlana MILLER Suicide shocked all authorities. May is known as Mental Awareness Month. This suicide by such a great sportsperson shows a lack in awareness.

She said that she prayed that no one would be held responsible for her actions, as it was her decision to end her own life.

Her parents were shocked to see Arlana Miller’s suicide announcement on her Instagram. They wondered where she was now. But the result was not good. She was dead. Although there is not much information available about the cause of her suicide, the investigation is ongoing.

Southern University Cheerleader Suicide Note

Miller’s age is not known but she was admitted to a historically black college in Baton Rouge. On her Instagram, the Jaguar cheerleader wrote a lengthy statement that scared her family and friends. Miller shared her thoughts on suicide and the struggles she had with them in this post.

Miller wrote, “May this Day Offer Me Relaxation and Serenity.” He said that he has been fighting this urge since he was a teenager. This was my best life. I am grateful to all who have entered my life. But I cannot help but wonder how you might be.

Southern University Cheerleaders Dead The student recalls how he coped with Covid after coming back from injury and being alone.

Mental health is important:

The importance of mental health is a key part of one’s daily life. People younger than 30 years old are more likely to feel stressed out by their careers and other depressing factors from their peers. If you feel anxious, it is important that you seek professional help.


It is a sin to take someone’s life. If you feel depressed, it is a good idea to seek professional counselling.

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