When you decide to file for divorce in Montgomery, you have to take your time to evaluate every aspect. There is nothing worse than knowing that the marriage is failed, but it is just as relevant to plan your future and be done with the legal process at the earliest. If you have been looking for Montgomery divorce lawyers, you are on the right track. This is not a battle to fight alone, especially if you have no clue about how things work in the local circuit courts. Because there are many law firms in the city, we have a few pointers on comparing options.

Look for specifics

Does the attorney practice family law in Montgomery? Do they deal with both contested and uncontested divorces? A lawyer who has only handled uncontested divorces may not be the best option when your case is a complex one with imminent issues. You should also check the lawyer’s profile and the family law matters they usually take in their practice.

Meet them in person

You cannot expect to know and understand everything about divorce laws in Alabama over a phone call. Also, each case is unique and must be reviewed on facts and circumstances. If you have shortlisted a few options, consider meeting at least two lawyers, even if you have to pay consultation charges. You can assess the attitude and approach of the attorney and whether they are a good fit for your case.

Ask if they can help with child custody issues

Separating spouses often fight over minor children, especially concerning custody and paying for support. Raising a child is expensive, and even if you are the primary custodian, you should have financial assistance from your spouse. Check with an attorney to know if they have tackled such issues and whether they can guide you further and represent your wishes.

Understand their willingness

Did the attorney give you enough time during the meeting? Did they answer your questions? Were they forthcoming with educating you on various aspects and legal issues? Always work with someone who takes you seriously, even if it is an uncontested divorce with no disputes.

Finally, consider the fees of the divorce lawyers. Many law firms in Montgomery ask for a flat fee for essential work, while for contested divorces, the hourly rate and a retainer fee are necessary. Check online now to make a list of top lawyers or ask around.