Do you know that every year, 2 million people are killed at work? Similar events occurred in Bobcaygeon (Canada) on May 10. A similar accident took place at Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Bass about 15 km north of Bobcaygeon.

Constable Joe Ayotte from the Peterborough County OPP stated that one man died on the spot and another was taken to a Toronto hospital. The preliminary investigation revealed that the victims were trapped between two vehicles in the Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Accident.

The Full Bobcaygeon Story

Tuesday morning saw an accident at Bobcaygeon’s buckhorn sand-gravel quarry. A fuel truck and another vehicle were both involved. Although there were a few involved, the accident was not caused by a collision. Ayotte stated that one person was killed in an industrial workplace accident and another was seriously injured.

He stated that they had also called the Ministry of Labour in order to investigate. To find out why, the Ministry of Labour arrived on the scene with their reconstructionists.

Buckhorn Sand-and Gravel Accident : Investigation

The investigation is ongoing. Officials trying to determine the cause of an accident went wrong when it happened. Due to the severity and extent of the accident, both victims were trapped inside the vehicle. They were able to escape using airlifts. The accident is now very serious.

The accident is under investigation. An investigation is being conducted by the Ministry of Labour and the Peterborough County OPP. They are investigating what went wrong and the massive disaster that took place. Ayotte stated they would provide updates as soon as there is new information regarding the ” Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident “.

Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Bass

Buckhorn Sand & Gravel provides residential and commercial services in Buckhorn and surrounding areas since 1963.

They have a large inventory of machinery and equipment that can handle any size project.

They have been providing homeowners and contractors with a wide range of landscaping and building materials for the past 50+ years. These are the most important details about Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Accident.

Final Thoughts

According to this story, the accident took place at Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Bass about 15 km north of Bobcaygeon. Peterborough County Police was called to investigate a complaint from two people who were unconscious.

One man was killed instantly, and another brought the other to Toronto’s hospital. The case is currently under investigation. We will keep you informed.

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