Do you enjoy wordle games Did you ever witness some weird insanity with the wordle responses? Find out why. The New York Times gave two answers recently to one wordle puzzle, leaving Worldwidewordle fanatics confused. Again, the wordle mechanism has a glitch. You can find the reasons behind the wordle glitch in the news article Butch Wordle.

What is the point of wordle?

Wordle’s May 10, 2022 fans were shocked by the New York Times team’s two answers. The original word was “butch,” and the updated answer was, “gecko”.

Wordle provided two different answers to the users yesterday. According to online sources they claimed that there may be ongoing problems with wordle technology. This could have led to different answers. Even the term “butch”, although it sounds good, can be harmful and indirectly affects someone’s physical well-being.

Is Butch an Word?

Butch is the wordle’s first answer for May 10, 2022. The informal adjective butch is part of American slang. It can also function as a noun. The meaning of “butch”, is a woman with masculine characteristics and manly manners.

According to online research, most butch terms are used to denigrate women’s normal appearances. It can also serve as discriminating tool against women. The New York Times could have removed the word as it can be emotionally hurtful.

Two replies to the wordle

Gecko is trending, as this is the second consecutive update by Wordle. The players who cleared the cache and reloaded the website received the answer gecko. However, the website has been updated. Butch answered the question for the person who didn’t update the website.

According to internet sources, the changes could be partly due to ongoing American abortion rights issues. According to court documents, statements that included same gender marriage (like a lesbian), and their abortion rights were leaked by the judge. The butch term is derogatory. It has a political tie to the recent issue.

Wordle Puzzle

Butch Wordle states that the word “gecko” means a lizard. The updated answer is for yesterday’s Wordle. It is not the first time the wordle team changed the answers.

Wordle is available online for free. Each day, players receive a challenging word puzzle. They must solve it within six attempts. Josh Wardle designed this fun game. The New York Times purchased it after a technical issue.


The Butch Wordle article provided both the meaning and answers to the wordle puzzles. Although people have been seeing errors in wordle puzzles for a while, The New York Times has extended their apologies for their indifferent responses to one puzzle.