There is an opinion that yachting is expensive. But if you figure it out and calculate, a trip under the sail will not cost more than a regular holiday in Europe. Let’s tell about economics of sailing in general: how to choose inexpensive region, where to look for cheap tickets and why it is profitable to become a captain. Fun over 50 is all you need to pack your luggage with and discover the desired places.


One of the great perks of sailing is the opportunity to see tiny towns, villages, and islands that you would never think of going to. You wouldn’t want to go to the tiny island of Capraia in Italy, where the only thing worth seeing is the old fort, instead of Barcelona. But on a yacht, such places open up from a different angle. There are no tourists and quite different prices, and in some regions, you do not even need a visa (for example, Turkey or Montenegro). For example, you can even use a yacht charter in Croatia. After all, for such trips is not necessary to buy a yacht, and you can rent it.

You can take a trip to Greece, the Cote d’Azur or Corsica and feel like you’ve outsmarted everyone. In summer, the coast and the islands are very popular, but travelers on a yacht will not suffer in any way – there are few tourists at sea. The yacht is your own personal hotel. There is no all-inclusive, but there is a cabin with a bed, bathroom and shower, a kitchen where you can cook.

Travelling around Croatia on a sailing yacht is an adventure that you will want to repeat. The warm sea, the endless blue sky overhead and a fast boat that moves along the planned course … what can be better? Except for a stopover in the marinas of small and large islands of hospitable Croatia!

 For example, Trogir, an ancient city founded by the Greeks around three centuries BC. Historians say that Trogir is one of the few cities whose architecture has perfectly preserved the old buildings from the Roman rule and the Gothic period. Thousands of tourists come here to admire the unique monuments of antiquity. The Venetian tower Kamerlengo, Cipiko palace and other significant sights of the city will long remain in your memory, and the cozy restaurants and taverns of Trogir will delight you with delicious dishes of national cuisine.

What to take with you?

Equipment is usually the most expensive part of any sporting or active trip. But this does not apply to relaxed yachting.

The only special things you’ll need to buy are gloves for working on the boat and ropes for your goggles so they don’t fly away. Otherwise, you can do with casual clothes: comfortable pants or shorts, a T-shirt, a windbreaker and sneakers. Shoes are better to take with white soles, so as not to spoil the deck.

It will be right to pack sets not only for hot weather, but also for windy and rainy: the weather at sea changes quickly. If you’re going north, you can take ski clothes, they have an ergonomic cut and technological materials – just what you need to avoid sweating and freezing on the ship and ashore. Just remember that all your things should fit in a backpack: there will be no room for a suitcase on the yacht.

When is the best time to buy tickets

Round trip tickets, of course, are not included in the cost of the regatta, but that’s even a good thing. You can choose dates not day to day, but with a margin. This means that you can find cheaper prices, and after a week of yachting continue the trip ashore – so the experience will be even greater.

It’s simple: the closer the departure date, the more expensive the ticket. The coolest options are snapped up by fast travelers who plan a trip months in advance. There are also those who wait for sales to start for certain destinations – 330 days before departure.