Are you planning to install a home theater system? Here is what you need to know before choosing the right home av system for your paradise. In today’s world, not only is audio efficient, but people are turning their heads towards making their homes theater efficient too. Whether it’s a friendly gathering, reunion with old folks, or a personal screening session for your family. A home theater will enhance the experience in the comfort of your home.  


But while purchasing a system for yourself, you need to understand which audio and video system will suit your home. This guide will help you choose an appropriate system and take you through benefits that will lead you to the path of music and video everywhere. Home av systemdistributes sources like – satellite TV or DVD player to different ecological zones in your home. But these sources are centralized in one location known as the “head end.” Which lets you enjoy your music, movies, and other media in all rooms.  

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Things to plan before installing a multi room theater system  

While setting up a system for yourself, you will require the help of a qualified av installer like – Customs control. They will actively participate in your planning and guide you through the best options available for you.  

  • Find a location 

While installing any system, the first thing you have to determine is – the av zones and place to install the head end. However, experts suggest – you should place a head-nd location with climate control, where equipment does not get overheated.  

  • Get appropriate wires  

After you finalize the locations, next, you have to connect av zones with the head end. Even if you don’t wish to install the system right away, wires are cheap. Therefore, you can easily make provisions for future requirements. However, you can go for a wireless system, and it is not appropriate if you wish to have top-notch sound quality. So, please wire the entire system and hide it efficiently.  

  • Install custom control  

Finally, after completing the installation, you’ll need to control the entire system remotely. Which can easily communicate through rooms with centralized equipment.  

3 major benefits of hiring a professional Home av installer  

Although these settings can be made by yourself, if you plan to hire a multiroom audio installer, he can efficiently complete the task in no time. However, we have shared a few more benefits of hiring a professional team below. 

  1. Reduce pile of remotes  

Whenever you buy a new component for your entertainment system, it comes with a control system. And if you have a little advanced technique, you might require five remotes to watch a movie, which is technically impartial and creates an unsightly pile of remotes in the media room.  

But if you hire a professional av system installer, he will consolidate the controls. And use a single application on your device like – a tablet or smartphone to control all systems at once. Once you have control in one place, it will become easy to access movies, music, and more.  

  1. Expert knowledge  

When you hire a professional, it benefits you from not having to do anything on your own. Usually, an installation is an in-depth process, which requires professional and experienced knowledge. A professional av installer will make sure works like – installing speakers, mounting, running cabling are done efficiently.  That’s why it’s a good investment to get your equipment from The Grid since they have professionals who will also take care of their proper installation.

  1. Provide access to ongoing support  

Usually, if you decide to install your home av system on your own, you have to face the damage cost. But if you hire a team of professionals to take care of your av or home theatre system, they provide free access to ongoing support. Even if you face difficulty after installation, you can contact their support option and solve your queries easily.  

They not only care till installation but also keep a check after the insulation. Moreover, they provide tech support plans after the installation of  Custom Controls  as well.  


Hopefully, our article was informative enough to guide you regarding the basic planning you require before installing a home av system. However, before buying your new entertainment device or hiring a service, we recommend you consider the guide given above for detailed knowledge.