Did you know that wordle now has a new version for the NHL players’ wordle. Wordle is a well-known game in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Wordle is addictive and a part of many people’s daily routine.

If you are bored of playing wordle. You might get bored playing wordle.

Gordle & Hertl wordle

Wordle is home to many spin-offs, including these two. Despite the wordle being inspired by both Gordle wordles and Hertl wordles respectively, they are different. It is the same game as guessing which NHL player you are in each of the games. The guessing criteria for both games is different.

How To Play: Gordle

Gordle gives you five to six chances to guess the five-letter last name of the player. When you put the correct letter inside, the box’s color will change to green. If the box turns yellow it means that the correct Wordle Hockey Game guess was placed in the wrong position. The box that turns grey indicates that the guess was wrong.

How To Play: Hertl Wordle

The Hertl wordle, a guessing game that gives you eight chances to guess the name of the player, is called “Hertl wordle”. The difficulty level increases as the game progresses. As you write the name of your player, it will give you clues and advice. If a column turns green when you enter a name, it is a match. If it turns red, it is not. Each day, we will give you a guess as to a mystery player.

Wordle Hockey Game Answered 25th May 2022

Gordle is a word-game, but it’s also a quiz for hockey fans. Each day you will be given a five letter NHL player name, which you have to correctly guess in order to prove your knowledge.

Today’s answer, Gordle #127 is MUZZIN.

Wordle has inspired many games that have been as popular as wordle. Wordle was extremely popular when it moved to The New York Times. Many other games are very similar to wordle. These two games, Gordle & Hertl Wordle are just a few examples.

Final Thoughts about Wordle hockey Wordle

You can also play hertl Wordle or gordle if you are tired of wordle. These two games are very similar to wordle and well worth the effort. Both the Gordle wordle and Hertl wordle are based on wordle but they are very different. Both games have the same format: Guess the NHL player. However, the guessing criteria for each game are different.