Are you familiar with the famed double-decker ship canal bridge in Seattle? Is there any information about the recent accident on this bridge?

Seattle is located on the west coast United States. Recently, a youngster was killed in an accident. This article will discuss the Ship Canal Bridge accident.

What caused the accident?

Two cars collided in Northeast 45th Street on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 4.30 AM. They were traveling southbound on I-5, near the Ship Canal Bridge. According to online sources, Jordan Shelley was 22 years old when he was killed in the car accident.

Washington state trooper told the story of the accident in which Mr Shelley’s car crashed, leaving him standing outside for a few minutes. Kuo, a car driver, collided the Shelly car. The victim lost his balance, and fell into the water below the bridge. The person responsible for his crash was saved.

Ship Canal Bridge Seattle

It was on the ship canal bridge between Capitol Hill (the University District) that the accident occurred. It connects Lake Washington to Lake Union. The Ship Canal Bridge is the bridge that carries I-5 southbound over Portage Bay.

The victim was thrown off the bridge, which is 182 feet tall, and fell at the intersection of Lake Union/Washington. After a long struggle, the marine rescue teams arrived and recovered Shelly’s body. The car accident caused the canal bridge to be closed for almost 3 hours.

The Seattle accident

The 22-year old Kuo collided with the victim’s car in Ship Canal Bridge accident. Washington state police officers identified him and took him into custody. Kuo was charged with vehicular manslaughter. The victim was driving an Mazda and the driver of the Toyota that collided with his car was a Toyota. A car collision caused the victim to fall into the lake.

The victim was rescued by the marine rescue team at Northeast Northlake Way and Fifth Avenue Northeast. However, time ran out, so the rescue mission became a recovery mission.

The fatal

The Ship Canal Bridge Incident took place in Seattle’s University District. A 22-year old boy was killed in a car accident. His family was devastated and said that Shelly was a talented boy. For two years, he was awarded a scholarship by Skagit Valley College. He aspired to be an anesthesiologist.

The perpetrator was arrested and Washington police are investigating the case and collecting evidence. This incident alarmed the citizens, who raised concerns about reckless driving in Seattle and urged police to take action against rule-breakers.


The article Ship Canal Bridge accident contained information about the Seattle accident. Although the marine rescue team tried to save him, they were unable to do so.

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