Do you want to learn more about the popular self-proclaimed psychic’s statement? Are you curious to learn more about the claims he made in support of this statement? Continue reading to learn more about his claims regarding aliens visiting the earth.

The statement that mentioned the possibility of alien invasion shocked people from the United States. These findings are becoming increasingly popular on major social media platforms.

Let’s learn more about ” Will the Aliens Land ?

Alien’s Earth Landing

Uri Geller is a celebrity who has amazed the public with his brainpower and has now returned to the top of the popular list with his claims that aliens will land on Earth in the next five years. Uri stated that aliens would arrive on Earth in five years.

Uri claims that he was able to see the actions of the aliens using his psychic abilities. He also claims that aliens used advanced lasers to create a door on the red world.

What will happen to the Aliens?

  • Uri asserts that psychic powers revealed the activities of aliens beyond the earth.
  • According to his claims, aliens monitor human activity for a long period of time.
  • Uri stated that he could see these events through remote viewing.
  • He also claims that his mind can travel through time and space to see the activities of the aliens.
  • Uri mentions other strange activities taking place in space. He also finds NASA’s information rejecting the alien attack shocking.

Who’s Uri Geller?

  • A trending question was prompted by Uri Geller’s recent statements, ” Will the Aliens Land?”
  • Uri Geller, an illusionist, performer and self-proclaimed psychic, is well-known for his spoon-bending illusions and other illusions on T.V. shows.
  • Geller was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on 20 December 1946.
  • His entertainment career spanned more than 40 years, with many television programs and performances around the world.
  • Geller says he used his psychic powers to help Reading F.C. Geller claimed that he used his psychic power to help Reading F.C.

Additional Claims by Uri Geeller

  • Geller claims that he saw the aliens on Mars. Learn more about Will the Aliens Land on Mars?
  • Geller believes that the aliens will arrive on Earth in the next five to twenty-five years and begin living here.
  • Geller is also against the idea of an alien invasion, believing that aliens are looking to make friends with humans and live peacefully on Earth.

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For his paranormal claims, Uri Geller kept getting media attention. Statements about extraterrestrials were widely accepted by the public.

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