Do you love crime series? Are you someone who is a fan of watching excellent dramas based on criminal aspects? If so, this post will provide you with a fantastic crime-themed series. Criminal dramas are something that people in the entertainment industry are always looking forward to.

We should not forget that this series of crime is well-known throughout America, Canada and the United Kingdom. United States, the United Kingdom as well as Canada.

In this article, we will guide you the series titled Ozark and, in particular, it will address the issue of What is the baby’s name in Ozark?

Let’s begin by finding the solution to the question asked found in this article.

About Ozark

  • It can be described as an American crime drama that is in the English language. Bill Dubuque has made it and it airs on Netflix through the MRC.
  • There’s a couple involved in the film and the entire plot will focus on the couple that has moved from the Ozark lakefront.
  • This show has four seasons to date.


  • Producer- Bill Dubuque
  • The country of the series is the USA
  • The language of the series is English
  • Episodes- 37 total

Who Is the Baby in Ozark?

The baby’s name that is featured in the series can be Zeke Young. In this show Zeke Young is the son biologically of Mason Young and Grace Young.

Zeke is the main character in the seriesand has a role to play by being a part of the series. Zeke is the baby. Zeke is a bumpy ride throughout the show.

In the beginning, he’s seen with his parents, but later, he is taken to Marty and later in the care of Darlene. Zeke was a baby. Zeke had a lot of trouble as just a child.

After we introduced the character of child Zeke Young Who Is the Baby of Ozark. The article will inform you about his struggles.

About Zeke’s health in season 4

Zeke has been a minor character throughout the entire series, however, poor little Zeke struggled a lot throughout the entire series, and especially in the 4th season of this drama.

The biological father is Young however, he has suffered often due to his transition from one parent to the next.

Darlene was a fantastic mother to the baby Zeke However, she ended up as a failure mother at the final. We can conclude that who is the baby on the other side of Ozark, is that biologically, Young is his son.

When you read this piece about Zeke’s infant condition you’ll realize the severity of his condition and how brutal his entire life was.

The Last Words

The dramas based on crime tales are popular with almost all across the globe.

According to our study, we are able to say that crime shows are gaining popularity in large areas of the country. In terms of entertainment, drama, and much more.

However the child has been through quite a bit as he changed from one parent to another.

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