You may have heard about the upcoming Festival that will be held by Las Vegas, United States and about which there have been a number of presentations over the Internet. There has also been a confirmation about the Festival will feature many of the top pop-punk and emo artists of the 2000s and the 2010s decade.

This article will provide everything you need to know about the forthcoming Festival. Many people search to find “We Are Your Friends,” however the search results redirect back to “When We Were Young.” We would like to know the details on We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 in depth.

What exactly is this Festival About?

If you’re nostalgic about the old emo tunes from the 2000s to the 2010s decade, you’ll definitely travel back in time as this festival comes up this year.

The crowd is excited about this lineup which features almost everyone from the past. They are interested to find out whether it will be a concert that will bring back memories to the time of those.

This festival will take place in October of this year and will be held in Las Vegas. There are a lot of performers to catch everyone’s interest.

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We have already introduced We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 and we are sure you already know some about it and can’t wait to go to the upbeat concert. 

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We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 Line-up

If you’re nostalgic about all the classic emo tunes from the 2000s to the 2010s years, you’ll surely take a trip down memory lane as this festival comes up this year. Are you looking forward to this lineup which features almost all of the artists from that time? This tour is sure to bring back memories to the time of.

This festival will take place during October at Las Vegas. There are a lot of performers that will grab the interest. We Are Your Friends Festival 2022. There are a number of questions posed to the Festival organizers, including if everything can be accomplished in just a day. The announcement of the festival has been met with diverse opinions from around the world. Different generations of people have come up with their own arguments. We can however be looking forward to the Festival in the coming year.

Ticketing Information

There will be three stages the total on the grounds of Las Vegas in October month of the year. Our favorite artists will perform simultaneously. We Are Your Friends Festival 2022 starts with a 11am start. and will conclude at 11pm. The pre-sales begin on the 21st of January, Friday and registrations are open to everyone.


Based on the information we have collected up to now the event is huge and worth looking for in the coming year here in America. United States. The searchability has been poor for We Are Your Friends. Other than that the festival looks huge and people are talking about it. For more information, you can check out this this article (