Collectible beer tap handles are a great way to highlight the uniqueness of your establishment and to let customers know that here they can enjoy the highest level of craft beer dispensing service.

If you want to install such handles, you’re at the right place!

Read in our article about all the features of such products, as well as where they can be purchased.

Benefits of Collectible Beer Tap Handles

The main advantages of these products include:

  • Exclusivity

Such equipment will be only in your bar and nowhere else!

  • Vintage

Collectible beer tap handles recreate the classic look of old-style beer handles. Perfect for a bar or pub with a vintage interior style!

  • Cost saving

Instead of paying for the original vintage beer tap, you get its absolute copy at a more affordable price. 

Currently, some of the vintage beer tap handles can cost up to $1,000. Choosing a copy of them, you can easily stick to $30-50.

  • The reputation of the establishment

These beer handles are sure to attract the attention of your visitors. They will realize that you are seriously engaged in the culture of draft beer serving and will be able to offer them truly interesting drinks and a higher level of service.

  • Increasing demand

The original design and stylish appearance of the collectible beer tap will catch the attention of every bar visitor. This will entice customers to try more and more kinds of craft beer.

Collectible Beer Tap Handles in Canada

Do you know where to order collectible beer tap handles? 

Visit the online store of the Canadian company Xpress Tap Handles.

  1. The company offers up to 200 models of rare beer taps: from handles of little-known breweries to vintage-style products.
  2. High quality of all products that will serve you as long as possible without losing their functional characteristics.
  3. There is no minimum order value. You can buy a single unit.
  4. Affordable prices for all products, as well as regular discounts, make shopping even more enjoyable.
  5. In addition to collectible beer handles, you can order an original tap for your beer variety or choose one of the popular beer taps: Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Bavaria, Budweiser, etc.

Choose products of Xpress Tap Handles and your bar will become the bar of your dreams!