Tegucigalpa is the capital of the Republic of Honduras, along with its twin city Comayagüela, is the third most populous city in Central America, with a metropolitan area of 2.9 million inhabitants. Both cities make up what has been called the Central District, located in the department of Francisco Morazán, Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela are surrounded by mountains and both cities are separated by the majestic Choluteca River. 

It is believed that the origin and meaning of the word Tegucigalpa derives from the Nahuatl language: Taguz-galpawhose meaning is hills of plate. However, the exact meaning is open to different interpretations. In numerous biographical data the word Tegucigalpa is defined in different ways: 

Tecutli-calli-pan which means: lord in the royal palaces

According to the translation of the word Nahua it translates as: place of residence of the nobles.

Ekohtsinkalpan which means: in the house of the great lord or hill of the wise.

Among many other definitions, which respond to the beauty, strength and history of the beautiful capital of the Hondurans.

Today Tegucigalpa is a modern city, the mecca of development in Honduras and the gateway for all foreign tourists. 

If you are getting to know this great city we recommend some of the Shopping Centers that you should know:


The largest brand of shopping centers in Honduras. It opened its first shopping center in San Pedro Sula in 2005 and later in Tegucigalpa in 2012. Becoming one of the most important brands of shopping centers and one of the main shopping destinations in the country. 

Address: In front of farmacy Kielsa ,highway a San Pedro SULA, Tegucigalpa


Pioneers in the field of shopping centers in Honduras, Multiplaza has more than 200 stores, among the most outstanding are: Carolina Herrera, Zara, MassimoDutti and Chuck e Cheese. They are identified as the number 1 shopping destination in the country.

Address: In front of the Hotel Real Intercontinental, Av. Roble, Tegucigalpa


Covered shopping center, with several floors, variety of shops, food court and cinema. A spot that you cannot miss.

Address: Intersection Blvd. Fuerzas Armadas and Blv. Kuwait Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Shopping and entertainment center, located on Boulevard Morazán and Avenida La Paz, One of the most accessible areas of the city. It also has a large parking lot and within its values stands out pride and patriotism, undoubtedly an important differentiator. It also has an exclusive area for events.

Address: Downtown Tegucigalá:  Los Próceres between Boulevard Morazán and, Avenida la Paz.


Its modern style and outdoor spaces are undoubtedly a shopping center where you can live a great moment. This mall is an initiative of the Schacher family, Jonathan Schacher , Roderick Schacher and Nicole Schacher cut the red ribbon in 2013. The perfect place to share with family and friends.

Address: Blv. Juan Pablo II 504 Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


This shopping center stands out for its modern design, functional ecological and safety, an innovative and different concept. It also has an immense variety of shops, including fashion, food, fun and training, you will enjoy a good time.

Address: Lomas del Guijarro, Avenida República Dominicana, contiguo a Ministerio Público.