Double tilt slider windows are a stylish solution that is perfect for wide window openings.

The window model has its pros and cons, that is why it is so important to understand all the features of your chosen product before buying it.

What Are the Benefits of Double Slider Windows?

The main advantages of this model include:

  • Ease of use

Slider windows are easier to open than other window structures. They slide smoothly to the side and can be easily opened even by people with disabilities.

  • Better ventilation and more natural light 

Sliders are a great option for those areas in the house where a window would be welcomed for extra sunlight and airflow. Such windows typically have a thin frame and oversized glass panels. 

In addition, you can open one or two panels simultaneously to promote better ventilation.

  • Low maintenance 

Unlike conventional windows, sliders have only a few parts. This makes them practically maintenance-free.

  • Energy efficiency 

Such windows have fewer parts than other models, they keep the heat in during winter. 

Thanks to this they reduce heat loss, as well as outside noise, dust, increased humidity, and unpleasant odors.

  • Excellent solution for limited spaces

Since the sashes do not open outward, you can install sliders near bushes, walkways, playgrounds, and other places where it is not possible to install casement windows.

What Are the Disadvantages of Double Slider Windows?

This model has some disadvantages, which, however, do not significantly affect its ease of use and the stylish look of your home.

These windows are difficult to clean, especially if they are situated on a higher level. However, the task can be performed if you have a robot window cleaner or a special tool with a longer handle.

You also should consider that big glass panels mean a lack of privacy. They reveal nearly everything inside the house to anyone standing outside. This problem can be solved by covering the glass with a special coating.

Another disadvantage may be the quality of the windows. In order not to worry about this, we recommend you buy double tilt slider windows from the Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors.

On the website of this brand, you will find many different models of window systems for every taste and budget.

Vinyl Light consultants will help you to choose the best option that will perfectly fit into the design of the house and make your life even more comfortable.