Piers Morgan is an American journalist English television host is sharing his thoughts to Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial statements about Meghan Markle. He has also begun to defend Sharon Osbourne.

It was a matter that came up at the start of the 2021 year as Whoopi along with her fellow hosts discussed a new curriculum for the Tennessee School Board. They were seen pushing to eliminate Maus the graphic novel that focuses on the Holocaust.

There were many topics discussed during the interview, however people from both the United Kingdom and the United States want to be informed what Whoopi Goldberg Speak about Meghan Markle.

who is Meghan Markle and why She’s In The News?

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and is an American participant in the British Royal Family. Meghan was born on the 4 August 1981. She also performed in the field of acting. She got wed with Prince Harry in the year 2018 and currently serves as the duchess of Sussex.

She was resigned as a prominent part of the Royal Family and decided to return to her home state of California. However, recently, she has been on the news due to a controversial statement by Whoopi Goldberg during an interview.

People are looking online to find out what did Whoopi Goldberg say during the interview with Meghan Markle.

What did Whoopi Goldberg Have to Say About Meghan Markle? Let’s find out!

It was reported that the Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan, urged Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Harry to boycott Whoopi Goldberg because of her remarks “Holocaust wasn’t just about race.”

Whoopi apologized later in an interview. She said, “The Nazi genocide involved two distinct groups of people,”

Morgan made a connection between her comment and Meghan’s earlier suggestion about false information. Morgan also posted a video of Goldberg and posted the following on his tweet page:

“This is Insane The extermination of Six Million Jewish People was not about race? Do any rebellious royals and rock stars now choose to boycott Whoopi or ABC TV for such dangerous lies?”

So What did Whoopi Goldberg Have to Say about Meghan Markle?

Recently, however, Meghan McCain, the co-host of The View on Tuesday, made a long rant, and Whoopi stopped for three seconds to think about and then reply.

McCain expressed his opinion on Harry and Meghan’s Sunday night appearance on Oprah Winfrey as well as Piers Morgan. They were accused of asking questions about Markle’s mental health problems.

Goldberg just said “OK” and then cut the program for an advertisement. Goldberg said, “I guess we will be discussing this further in the future when we are back.”

What Did McCain Inherit in her Comment?

McCain on her show, discussed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Sunday appearance on Winfrey as well as Piers Morgan. However, What Did Whoopi Goldberg Have to Say about Meghan Markle?

However, McCain linked it to an alternative direction. She related it in the context of her involvement in the American Revolution and how she would rather visit the Virginia’s Mount Vernon as it is the location of America’s Founding Fathers. She also said that she would not support the monarchy since she is a fervent 100 100% American who celebrates freedom in her own manner.

After the commercial ended, Whoopi only offered an “OK” and stated that she would talk about it following the commercial.


The followers of Meghan are wondering what Whoopi posted about her. In her blog post she only spoke about Holocaust which refers to the decisions of the Nazis. However, many people began to wonder what did Whoopi Goldberg say about Meghan Markle on the Show, The View.

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