The 2019–2020 coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Recently within the United Kingdom, the latest scam message is misleading people into believing that they’ve come into contact with individuals who were positively for the Omicron variant. The message includes a questionable link that leads users to a shady website where personal data is stolen.

It’s the latest scam using text messages that has been circulating throughout the UK and fraudsters are targeting people and stealing information. But, National Health Services or NHS has proven that it is a fraud and should not be taken seriously.

People are worried and would like to learn details about Swab Testing Kit Scam in the UK.

What exactly is Swab Testing Scam Kit?

It is known as the Swab Testing Scam Kit is the latest scam using text messages that sees people in the United Kingdom receive fraudulent messages that claim to appear to be sent by the NHS. The test message informs users that they may have encountered people who have tested positively for Omicron.

They are prompted to click on a link, which will take users to a site owned by a third-party that is not affiliated with NHS. Participants must share their personal information in order to receive an unrestricted Home Swab Testing Kit.

However, NHS has confirmed that it’s a fraud and the public must avoid it.

Swab Testing Kit a Scam Or Legit?

The NHS has already acknowledged that the scam that circulates in text messages throughout the nation is a scam and the recipients should be wary of it. There are numerous red flags that indicate the message does not come from the NHS and is a fraud.

  • The messages are sent via a mobile phone number, that is prone to errors.
  • The domain’s age at which it redirects is quite young, as it appears to have been made on the the 29th of January, 2022.
  • The URL includes terms such as Omicron, NHA, PCR-Test and PCR-Test, which could be considered legitimate. Swab Testing Kit Scam is targeting a large number of individuals. However, if you carefully study this scam Government as well as NHA always encourage people to go to websites with URLs that include to purchase any testing kit.

Note that the government as well as NHA do not require personal information, such as card numbers and bank information.

How can you prevent and report this Scam?

The National Cyber Security Centre has revealed four essential steps for people to follow that will aid in determining if it’s fraudulent. Anyone who have received the text message scam should immediately report it.

  • The users must examine the site carefully and, if the URL does not contain or, then they should ignore and ignore the message.
  • Be on the lookout for texts that request the bank and card details or deposits of money.
  • Wait before sharing your details right away.

The recipients of such messages should not ignore them and report. People are urged to report the Swab Testing Kit Scam on the official email ID, The public can also report the scam by forwarding the email to 7726 without cost. In addition, if you’re victimized by the scam, you must report this immediately to Action Fraud as soon as possible by visiting their website or by calling 0300-123-2040.


Between the pandemics around the world the scammers are becoming more sophisticated and coming up with new methods to scam people. People in the UK are targeted by scammers, and they are taking their information.

If you are contacted by a Swab Testing Kit scam messages, you must report these at Action Fraud immediately to take the necessary steps, and learn about