Mother Nature can be kind at times and cruel at others. In instances where the forces of nature do not seem favorable, while a lot is at stake, measures must be taken to protect what is valuable. 

High-velocity winds can be quite detrimental and cause significant damage to your property. If you live in a region prone to high winds, proactive measures may be necessary. With wind protection solutions by WeatherSolve, you can easily avert the risk and protect your property against potential wind hazards.

This article offers an analysis of the various aspects and implications of strong winds for commercial or private properties. We also offer insight into the wind protection solutions offered at WeatherSolve.

The dangers of wind

Properties, whether private or commercial, are a significant investment. Substantial losses can be incurred if bad weather hits close to home. 

Severe winds can happen anytime. The faster the speed, the more turbulence it will cause. Sometimes, strong wind is also accompanied by thunderstorms, tornados, or hurricanes. In such an instance, the severe wind causing damaged power lines, downed trees or structures, and flying debris poses a threat to our lives, utilities, and property.

Moreover, the implications can be graver if wind causes erosion, transports dust, or other forms of pollution. However, winds are an uncontrollable natural factor, and you cannot prevent them from happening, but you can take preventive measures to curtail the wind impact and secure your property while minimizing damage and keeping your investment safe.

Wind challenges for businesses

As a business, you need to be aware of the risks of wind. High-velocity winds can cause many safety issues for various sectors, extra costs, and work delays. For instance, the construction industry is one such sector that can be badly affected. A construction site is filled with a myriad of objects of different heights and sizes, including cranes and scaffoldings. 

If the wind is defected by these structures, it can lead to a downdraught and funneling effect. The impact of strong winds and associated risks will vary as the construction progresses. Strong winds can also cause delays and increase the project timeline. If a storm blows out of nowhere, you may not have the time to reallocate resources or take measures to protect the site, hence the importance of preventive planning.

Similarly, the agriculture sector also stands to lose significantly if the agricultural produce and farm facilities are not safeguarded against heavy winds and storms. Weather plays a major role in crop success or failure, and agriculturists stand to incur significant losses if their crops are affected by harsh weather like strong winds or storms.

Other high-value commercial concerns vulnerable to damage from winds include solar panel fields, professional sporting venues, entertainment arenas, etc. Failure to protect these facilities may result in heavy financial and productivity losses while marring the business’s reputation as well.

 The most concerning aspect in this instance, regardless of the business sector or scale, is that weather predicaments are uncontrollable, and once your property or facility is affected, there is little you can do to minimize the losses. If there is nothing to stop the gusts of wind from thrashing against the property and damaging everything that comes in the way, you can do nothing but wait helplessly for the storm to pass and then assess the scale of the damage. 

Similarly, in routine operational procedures, depending on the nature of the business, a strong wind current may carry dust or other particles which are hazardous to health and may also result in violations of official safety standards. 

WeatherSolve wind protection

Now that we have established that wind protection must be an imperative part of the business strategy, depending on the nature of the business, let’s look at how WeatherSolve can counter the potential wind hazards.

WeatherSolve offers wind protection solutions designed around wind breaking. The technique is applied to reduce the impact of strong winds by reducing the wind speed. As a design strategy, a little wind flows through the wind protection structure, and strong currents do not crash down and enter the premises. So, the amount of turbulence reduces as winds combine more subtly at a slowed pace.

Here is how WeatherSolve can help you protect your property from the wind. 

WeatherSolve Wind Fence System

WeatherSolve wind fences, also termed windbreak or wind shelter, can reduce the wind speed by more than 50% of the speed of the incoming winds over a large area. In the localized area, the structure can lower the speed by 80%.

WeatherSolve offers low-cost wind protection solutions in the form of these wind fences. Once installed, they do not require any resources or power sources and are low-maintenance. In the majority of cases, repair services are not required either. The support structures are custom-built to withstand high wind forces. Similarly, the fabric of the wind fences is also economical, robust, and long-lasting, offering great value for money.

These wind fences or wind-breaking structures are designed to reduce the incoming dust by a significant margin. A protected area would receive only one-eighth of the dust of an unprotected area. The logic is simple! Erosion increases in direct proportion to the wind speed cubed. However, a wind fence would reduce the amount of erosion by a significant margin.

Thus, in addition to protection from wind, you can also secure your property against unwanted dust that can create serious problems in the long run. You can safeguard your property while preventing productivity losses and keeping your maintenance and operational expenditures in check.

Another plus point is that the wind break structures by WeatherSolve serve multiple purposes. As already discussed, erosion control is a huge plus. While the overall wind speed is reduced, if you have sensitive components on the property, they will also be the recipient of a lesser wind load. These fences can facilitate debris and garbage collection as well.

Similarly, if your facility features a water reservoir or ponds, you can also erect wind fences to control airwaves and turbulence on the ponds. In addition, the wind fences can also serve as fencing to secure the property and offer privacy while keeping intruders or curious onlookers at bay.

If you are interested in seeking assistance in safeguarding your property against the forces of nature, contact WeatherSolve today for efficient and optimized wind protection solutions.