When it comes to sports betting and the pursuit of a ‘sure thing,’ the key above everything else is a good grounding of knowledge, and that is especially true in relation to the wonderful world of horse racing. 

Horse racing is a bettor’s dream, and there is a great deal of crucial information you can ingest before placing your bets, and that’s what makes it more of a case of what you know rather than blind luck.

In the US, the interest in horse betting is considerable and as each new state legalizes sports betting, so does the number of sports betting enthusiasts looking to place a wager. This is true across the country; whether it’s a fan placing a bet on horse races in PA or in Washington state, the enduring appeal is felt coast to coast.

So, how can you make sure the odds are in your favor? Here are a few helpful tips that might give you a better shot at securing a big win.

Do the Research

If you want to back a horse in any race, then you need to know its form and that of its stable in order to be able to effectively predict where it might end up in the field. Staying ahead of the field in terms of your horse racing betting strategy, you’ll need to get as much information as possible.

This doesn’t just relate to the horses involved in a particular race but also the jockeys and their trainers. The conditions for the race are also hugely important. Some horses like certain types of conditions, and this can very much affect their chances of having a strong run.

There are many intricacies within horse racing betting, and it’s very much a market that requires a decent amount of knowledge; and we wouldn’t recommend anyone entering into a wager without some level of understanding.

Find the Best Online Bookie

So, if you feel ready to enter the horse racing betting market, you’ll now need to consider which sportsbook to use to place your bet. There are many factors that should go into this decision making process, and of course, you should read reviews of the relevant brands.

Here are some aspects that should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting an online sportsbook.


Every state that secures legislation allowing sportsbooks to operate online then offers licenses to a select few regulated providers. ONLY use these and do not take the unnecessary risk of signing up with any that are not regulated. The use of these will leave you open to genuine issues, especially when you consider that you’ll need to provide key banking details when doing so.

Therefore reputation is vital, and read up on what reviews say about the different regulated options you have in your state. Look out for comments relating to the time it takes to secure a withdrawal as well as the level of customer service offered. 

Bonuses and Promotions

These are what are offered by bookies as they look to secure your business. These can come in the form of sign-up bonuses or might be matched deposits. Check the small print of these deals, as they will often not be quite as attractive as they may initially appear.

Use these bonuses to check out how good the sportsbook is and if you are not impressed after using up the offer, then do not feel beholden to stay. 

Quality of the Interface

A sportsbook in 2022 has to be slick and effective, especially when it comes to their mobile app, as this is where a large percentage of betting now occurs. It should be smooth and speedy; this is very relevant for horse racing betting as you may want to place bets quickly in between races; therefore, you’ll want a service that does not take an age to load and complete the process of placing a wager.

Payment Methods

Many sports bettors want to use e-wallets to sign up, they do so for privacy and also security reasons, and therefore you’ll need to make sure that the provider that interests you offers these types of payment methods.

Back the Favorite

In horse racing betting, you may feel the temptation to back a long shot, but generally speaking, you should look to bet on the favorite more often than not. Form is a huge indicator in horse racing, and the odds are a reflection of that; and therefore, the option to chase the cash isn’t one we’d recommend.

However, if you are a knowledgeable bettor, then you might start to spot the occasional long odds bet that is worthy of your attention, but on the whole, you should play it safe.

Don’t Bet What You Can’t Afford to Lose

There is always a horse race happening somewhere, and the races themselves don’t last long, and as such, there is a danger that you can start to mount up severe deficits if you bet regularly.

At its root, betting of any sort is a calculated risk and a pastime. Being a sports bettor isn’t a profession, and you should always be placing bets with an element of entertainment at the root. 

So, never bet more than you can afford to lose, as you may end up finding yourself going down a slippery slope. Bet smaller amounts to help you balance out your losses because even the best in the business are more than likely to lose more than they win.