The idea of building the perfect music system for home can leave some people daunted. But there are hacks and considerations to building a sound system for home that guarantee an immersive listening experience. In this quick and easy guide, we share the secrets to building the audio systems at home that have a knock-on effect.  If you believe that a great stereo sound system at home has the power to move you and give you the choice to discover more music, then read on.

  • Ask yourself, where do you want to enjoy your musical experience?

If your listening space is large, you require larger loudspeakers that provide ample amplification. But if your room is small, very large speakers can overdrive the space, resulting in  an overbearing sound that lacks control. Refrain from placing the speakers too close to the side and rear walls, or even the corners as that can lead to huge amounts of ‘boom’. Place your speakers equidistant from your listening position. 

Plan where to put your speakers before buying them. Audition the speakers as well as systems in various rooms that are similar to your living space. 

  • Consider spending a total of 10% of your system budget on cabling

Good quality audio cables help let through more of the musical signal. 

Cables with a high silver content render a tonally sweet sound. On the other hand, the solid-core cables lead to a more powerful presentation for your music system.

  • Create a checklist and set a budget

It’s worth making a checklist of the features you desire– such as a headphone output or Bluetooth if they’re must-haves – and then prioritising the things you need most and those that are not worth considering. That way, your money will go further. 

Also, beginning with a realistic budget will help you. Check out the sound system price, features and see if it resonates with your personal preferences, budget and requirements.

  • Checking out some loudspeakers is a must-do

Loudspeakers come in a wide range of cabinet sizes and design choices whether it is traditional or contemporary.

Larger speakers render a bigger and deeper sound due to their ability to shift air, which is important to the sound delivery. But if you live in a house where space is at a premium, you should consider picking more compact designs for the speakers. 

  • Consider the acoustics of your room

The acoustics of the room influence the sound to a great extent. 

You will get a different sound result if you place your speakers on a hard, polished floor surface than when you place them in a warmer, softer, carpeted room. You can depend on your dealer who would be able to recommend equipment able to compensate for your acoustics. So, factor in the properties of your living space.

Hopefully, these tips to building a stellar home music system will be helpful. It’s also worth mentioning that ultimately, what sounds best to your ears, is the best pick.