This article focuses on this breed of dog, the dog breed W2S popular online star’s dog, as well as other information about the topic.

Do you think that dogs make wonderful and friendly pets? Dogs are loved by all for their pets, and they are among of the most loved pets. Recently, there is an increase in curiosity about the dog that is an online character known as W2S. W2S’s Dog Breed is becoming a cult.

People in Canada and in the United States, and United Kingdom are eager to learn more about this dog on the internet. Read this article for more details.

Who is W2S?

W2S is the name or online identity for Harry Christopher George Lewis. He’s also known as the username “wroetoshaw.” He’s best recognized for being a part of the Sidemen group on YouTube and also uploading content to his personal channel on the same platform.

The birth date was the 26th of November 1994, which makes the age of 25. He’s among the most well-known musicians of the Sidemen with a huge audience for his solo music. He is an Havanese Breed dog.

What Breed Is w2s Dog?

  • We’ll look into more information regarding this breed of dog and other pertinent details below.
  • People who are online live a public life, and frequently share details of their life with followers via social networks.
  • It’s known that W2S is a huge fan of his dog. He’s even established a special social media account dedicated to his pet.
  • Harry was also among the youngest members of the Sidemen group at the age of 25 years old.
  • The pet’s name in the dog’s book can be “Herbert,” and people refer to him as “Herb” for short or as an affectionate nickname.
  • Harry has revealed in a clip that W2’s dog Breed was Havanese.

More details about Herbert

  • Herbert or Herb Harry’s dog and has made a few guest appearances in Harry’s videos, as well as other Sidemen members video clips.
  • Calfreezy, Harry, and Callux were together in 2019 where Herbert was also a part of their lives.
  • But, in the year 2019 they relocated to their own homes but Herbert was forced to relocate to Guernsey in the UK, where he lives alongside Harry’s parents.
  • Harry was born also in Guernsey. His family relocated to Alderney soon afterward, but then returned to Guernsey again in 2004.
  • Harry has built up thousands of fans. So, What Breed Is w2s Dog? Herbert is an Havanese dog.
  • Harry is very fond with Herb and has started an Instagram page called “@herbontour” for him.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that dogs are loyal pets. People are keen to learn more about the dog of a well-known online celebrity W2S. Name of the W2S also known as Harry Lewis’ pet, is Herbert and he’s an Havanese dog. We’ve provided additional details about W2S and his dog in the previous paragraphs.

Find out more about W2S here.

Have you been able to see Herbert on any videos from his Sidemen and W2S videos? Do you have any thoughts on the W2S Dog Breed in the comments below.