Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing has released details about the wood eggs as well as the procedure to acquire these eggs for the production of various products during this year’s Bunny days event.

It’s the Bunny day event of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is now in full swing and players are looking to gather recipes for DIY as well as seasonal products. It is an annual event that happens in the game right before Easter week.

The Bunny day celebration began on April 10th and will conclude on the 17th April. Participants from both the United States and the United Kingdom are looking for ways to gather the recipe and other things.

For more information about this particular event and how to get Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing go through this article until the close.

Wood Eggs in New Horizon Game:

Zipper T Bunny is an exclusive character from the Animal Crossing game who visits players prior to every event of the season. Zipper visits each player and players need to obtain an DIY recipes from him to creating Bunny holiday-themed items.

Bunny has also left many eggs on the island and gamers must find these eggs since it will assist them in making the themed item to celebrate Bunny day. The kinds of eggs that can be found within the Animal crossing game are listed below.

  • Wood egg
  • Earth egg
  • Sky egg
  • Water egg
  • Leaf egg
  • Stone egg

How to Get Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing?

Knowing the importance of Wood eggs during the Bunny day celebration It is important to understand how to collect eggs. The players must be equipped with an axe and a shovel to find the eggs from the island.

  • The procedure for getting the egg from wood is the same as getting wood.
  • Find the old trees on the island, and chop them.
  • The majority of players will find wood eggs once the old tree has been cut.
  • You will need to repeat this regularly since there are limits on the amount of eggs made from wood per day.

How To Use Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing?

Wood eggs are used to make all items in Bunny day. Bunny day event. Participants must have a minimum of 22 eggs made of wood. In order to make the various items for this Bunny day celebration, there will be 34 eggs of wood will be required by players.

Wood eggs are used to make DIY items for the bunny day celebration The amount of wood needed to make the different items listed below.

  • Lamp – Four eggs made of wood
  • Celebration balloons with one wood egg
  • Arch – Two eggs made of wood
  • Garland One egg of wood
  • Wall – Two egg
  • Fence – One wooden egg
  • Bag – one egg made of wood

How to Get Other Eggs in Animal Crossing?

After learning how to obtain Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing,let’s know how to find a different type of egg to use in the game.

  • Leaf egg – Look for the tree that has Leaf eggs, shake it and then shake it.
  • Earth egg – Find an opening in the earth and dig it out to collect earth eggs.
  • Stone egg – hit on the stones with a shovel and the stone egg will appear.

Final Verdict:

The players must collect the various kinds of eggs that are on their island to construct a DIY eggs for the Bunny day celebration. Most of the information about the egg made of wood are discussed previously, and participants must strive to obtain the most egg to make the product on the 17th April.

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