Vietnamese cuisine made its way to the 13th position in the list of top most famous cuisines in the world. Nothing quite beats Vietnamese food. You will find such a variety of flavours in Vietnamese cuisine that it will leave you amazed. From the perfect balance of spices to that perfect aroma of the food you can smell from miles away, Vietnamese cuisine has everything to order which has won the hearts of people all around the world.

Unlike most South Asian cuisines, Vietnamese cuisine is not all about spices and excess oil. One of the reasons why Vietnamese food is so famous is because it offers a variety of flavours and is very healthy for you too. The minimal use of oil and high cholesterol ingredients is what makes it so favourable.

Some Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes.

If you have not yet tried Vietnamese, you are truly missing out! Check out the best Vietnamese restaurant in Australia, and give your taste buds something refreshing, new, flavourful, and mouth-watering to try. Here are some most popular Vietnamese dishes that you must try.

1.  Pho.

Pho is the national and most popular dish of Vietnam. In simple words, pho is a noodle soup dish made in the broth of chicken, meat, or vegetable broth. A bowl of pho consists of rice noodle soup with a side of vegetables and meat of your choice. Pho is a very healthy dish as it consists of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and fulfills nearly 70% of a person’s daily sodium requirement.

2.      Bánh Xèo.

Otherwise known as Vietnamese crepes or pancakes, Banh Xeo is a must-try for you. Made with rice batter and turmeric, the pancake is then filled with pork belly, beans, bean sprouts, and shrimp. This crispy delight is the second most famous dish of Vietnam.

3.  Bun Cha

If you are a fan of meats and soups, Bun Cha should be on top of your to-try list. Made by mixing tasty barbecued pork, fish sauce, and a mix of vegetables (papaya, carrots, and herbs) with a side of noodles.This dish is also known as the “Obama Noodles”

4.  Cao Lau.

Cao Lau or Pork noodles are one of the most demanded Vietnamese dishes in the world. Rice noodles are served in a thick smokey flavoured sauce with roasted pork and a side of rich vegetables such as bean sprouts, mung beans, and fresh lettuce.

5.  Goicuon

GoiCuon or Vietnamese spring rolls are made with a rice noodle bun, and a filling of delicious prawns, pork, and crispy green vegetables. These summer rolls are served with a sweet yet spicy dip.

6.  Banh Mi

Banh Mi or Vietnamese Baguette is an easy-to-find and light snack dish that you can find even in Vietnamese food carts. The customers can choose from a variety of protein fillings such as roasted pork, Vietnamese ham, and even eggs. Usually, to add flavour, a choice of fermented vegetables such as parsley, green onions, carrots, and even red chillies are added.