Colorado is a Western US state with diverse landscapes of breathtaking rivers, mountain ranges, arid deserts, river canyons, and national parks. Denver, Colorado’s capital and the largest city in the state, has a vibrant downtown area, famous among thousands of tourists and backpackers.

Living in this magnificent state, you can easily access the most amazing places to visit and spend your vacations. In summers, you can visit the famous Colorado River, while in spring, you can explore the arid deserts and experience desert safari and camel rides. 

Likewise, Colorado’s ski resorts and the Rocky Mountains attract thousands of tourists annually. So, plan a family holiday or a romantic getaway to top Colorado destinations, including Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Fort Collins, Boulder, Crested Butte, or Durango. Each place has its specialty and enticing features that make it stand out from all the other destinations. 

The best part of being a Colorado resident is that you can explore your home state without worrying about visas and international tickets. You do not need to go anywhere without exploring Colorado itself first. And even if you don’t reside here, you can always pack your bags and hit the road.

Now, let’s review some of the most fun staycation ideas for Colorado residents. 

  1. Colorado Music Festivals

Did you know about the classical music concerts this summer in Colorado featuring some of the most talented artists? It’s happening right now and will continue until August 2022. It offers a mix of classical music, symphony performances, string quartet, Tchaikovsky, various dance performances, and award-winning musical plays. 

You can also participate by giving auditions and volunteering to organize the festival. It’s happening in Boulder, Colorado, amid cultural mix, cuisine, art, and nature, exuding the perfect summer vibes. 

So, spend your Labor Day weekend in September enjoying the Americana music festival in Colorado. It will feature a summer hike, fishing, and other summer activities in addition to the Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort. 

Living in Colorado comes with the luxury of attending recurring events like the Aspen Music Festival and the Crested Butte Music Festival. 

  1. The Curtis in Denver

If you don’t already live there, head to Denver, Colorado, to watch live shows, visit museums, and dine in the local gourmet restaurants. You’ll surely be awestruck by the exquisite charm of this region. 

Book your stay at Curtis – a Double Tree Hilton boutique hotel with 336 rooms, a fitness center, and a living space with a view of Downtown Denver. You can also book themed rooms and explore Downtown nearby. 

  1. Downtown Denver

Within a mile of Downtown Denver, you’ll stumble upon museums, the Platte River, boutiques, shops, art galleries, a Broadway Touring show, rollercoaster rides, a waterpark, and live music. You will even experience professional sports in the nearby stadium, dine in top chef restaurants, and explore handcraft breweries. The best part – you can even sample local beers at the Denver Beer Trail.

The 16th Street Mall shuttle Downtown makes it easier to get around and explore all the places. Visit the Denver Union Station in LoDo or Lower Downtown with Victorian houses, galleries, brewpubs, coffeehouses, bars, shops, and restaurants. 

While exploring Downtown, do not miss Larimer Square and Denver Pavilion, where you will find a movie theatre, various shops, and restaurants. 

Or better, visit the Colorado Convention Center and click photos with the famous public sculpture of Blue Bear. Also, don’t miss the Coors Field in the heart of LoDo, and enjoy baseball. 

  1. Chalk Art Festival

The annual Chalk Art Festival is coming to the Golden Triangle Creative District in Denver from September 3rd to 5th, 2022. Here, you’ll witness art pieces unlike any other in the galleries you visit during your staycation. Chalk Art is done on the pavement, in the most creative ways, by over 200 talented artists who will create the art live for you over two days. They will transform streets into museums, using only vivid pastel chalks. 

Inspired by the 16th century Renaissance, artists will transform the canvas into asphalts full of paintings using handmade French pastels. The master-style works will feature a range of traditional and modern pieces with unique chalk creations.

  1. Central Park, Lowry, and Northfield

If you’re planning to escape the hustle and bustle of Downtown, then Central Park, Lowry, and Northfield are the perfect places within 46 miles of urban trails. They offer several open spaces and pet-friendly parks for long walks, jogging, cycling, biking, and hiking. 

The trails connect to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, with over 17,000 acres. Outdoor enthusiasts will find golden eagles flying in the skies, community pools, skate parks, shopping malls, and cafes all around Central Park. 

Moreover, you can shop from a wide range of options from Stapleton, Stanley Marketplace, and Hangar 2. Shop until you are ready to dine at the finest restaurants in line. 

  1. Belmar, Lakewood

Belmar district resonates the vibes of old town and village center around plazas full of cafes, with live performances and an ice skating rink during winters. 

Belmar spans over 22 square city blocks, spammed with a bowling alley, movie theatres, and specialty stores. Lakewood Cultural Center near Belmar has a rotating visual arts exhibit in gallery spaces and a 320-seater theatre. 

Or better, immerse yourself in the creatives at 40 West Arts alongside West Colfax. The surrounding areas of Lakewood are for the outdoor adventure spirits, with Homestead Golf Course, Fox Hollow Golf Course, Lakewood Heritage Center, and Bear Creek Lake Park. 

  1. Creative District of Capitol Hill and the Golden Triangle

If you want to immerse yourself in Colorado’s arts, history, and culture, then visit the creative district of Capitol Hill and the Golden Triangle. Explore Colorado State Capitol on 13th September 2022 to witness live music with food trucks.

While you’re there, also visit Civic Center Park to find the finest Colorado museums, and a Molly Brown House Museum mansion, of the historic ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown.

Also, visit the Denver Arts Museum in the Creative District, Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, and Clyfford Still Museum. It’s an exceptional place to explore on foot since you’ll find small shops, restaurants, cafes, fine art galleries, and studios within walking distance. 


If you reside in Colorado, consider yourself lucky to have constant access to arts, culture, parks, rivers, and mountains, with an array of fun places to visit. You can hike to the Rocky Mountain Range, experience fine local cuisines, book a seat in the largest theatres, take a rollercoaster ride, and enjoy a variety of festivals. 

Also, don’t miss out on Colorado’s upcoming summer music festivals. These will run the entire summer. So, take advantage of living in this beautiful state, and attend all the festivals.