Do you see links to a website that was created to protest cars? For more information, please visit our composition.

When spoken for the good, it is acceptable to object to another person’s work or make statements. However, freedom of speech does not allow for anyone to take away property belonging to others. Similar to the United Kingdom or the United States protests, they receive more negative feedback. This post will clear up all your questions. This is

Demonstrating The Portal

A group of people known as the Tyre Extinguishers restrict others from buying or considering purchasing cars in the future. They also randomly blow out car tyres in an effort to raise awareness about the negative effects four-wheeler vehicles have on the environment. Similar tactics are used to reduce the number of accidents caused by rough driving.

They want to live in neat and safe areas that aren’t ruined by drivers. In the next section, we will learn why they choose to puncture only cars.

Mission Of Tyreextingushers com

According to the website, SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles harm our health and the environment. These cars can be large, take up more space, and limit freedom of movement. According to their opinions, SUVs pose a threat to the environment and use more fuel than other vehicles. Therefore, they should not be purchased.

We also discovered some additional hints as we explored the portal. These hints will be listed in the next passage. Keep reading for more evidence.

Additional Information – The Website has covered the following lesson one should learn when joining-

  • Identification of an SUV car
  • Methods to Flatten a Tyre

What is the reason people are talking about this site?

The protestors have been puncturing car tires for the past few days in areas such as Notting Hill and Belgravia. They attach a leaflet explaining their mission to the cars after they have punctured the tyres. Most people react angrily and become tense on social media, such as Reddit and Twitter. Let’s now focus on the comments made by netizens at

What are Online Users Doing?

The protestors are unhappy with the damage they do to their cars and their rights to it, as well as their inability to give permission. Reddit users hope that the group will be punished and liable for the destruction of the cars. Many people also tweeted that they shouldn’t touch or make wrong decisions on the stuff of others on Twitter.

Is the Protest Valid?

According to a source, this activity is illegal because they don’t have consent from their owners. There is currently no published law that covers puncturing tires.

The Last Words

This article discusses some people who are against SUVs and four-wheel drive cars. Most people are upset with their actions on Twitter and Reddit.