Travis, have you ever heard of him? Are you aware of recent news concerning chimpanzees Did you hear about the 2009 events? You want to know more about Travis? This site is for you. This site will provide all your answers. Today, people in the United States as well as the Australia wanted information about the Travis incident.

This post Travis the Mauling Chimp will give you all the details about the Travis incident in 2009. Please read the entire post.

Why does this news trend?

For those who haven’t heard of Travis, let us tell you. He was a Mauling-chimp and was known all over the US because of his role as an animal in numerous films and serials. After causing damage to his owner’s friend, he was killed in an accident. After so many years, the injured lady now faces many challenges. People wanted to learn more about the incident. This is why current news is in fashion.

Travis and the Chimp Crime Scene

Charla Nah is a lady who was asked by her friend for help with Travis, a Chimpanzee. Travis attacked her when she tried to put the keys away. She was a frequent visitor of her friend’s home, but she dyed her hair or changed the way she looked. Travis attacked her because she didn’t recognize her.

Police were called to the scene. To stop Travis from being aggressive, the police had no choice but to shoot him. You can read the entire section below.

Charla Nah: What happened?

Nash was taken immediately to the hospital as her condition was beyond description. Her face has been completely destroyed. She has undergone many surgeries in recent years. Her face was badly injured. After this attack, she underwent more than one week of surgery. Her face had not improved after the surgeries.

After many years, doctors have instructed her not to leave her house without covering her nose. It’s clear how devastating it was to be attacked Travis the Mauling Chimp. She has faced many challenges over the years. Many people were not convinced that pets could be kept at home after she died.


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