Have you ever heard of the Truist Text scam. What are the scams behind such scams? If you don’t, this article may be the answer. Truist Text scams can be dangerous. People from the United States should remain alert after these recent incidents.

Today’s article will discuss the Truist Alert scam in detail and provide further information on how to avoid such scams. You can follow the blog to receive more updates.

How is the Truist text Scam operated?

As many people fell for the scam, it has become the news most talked about. Truist was formed in 2006 by the merger of BB&T (Sun Trust) and BB&T. Truist is now the 6th largest bank. After its success, all its customers were allowed to merge with one platform to access banking facilities. This gave the scammers exactly the path to trick every customer.

They trick customers by sending them scam Truist alert Text Scam message that contains only one link. Clicking on the link will automatically bring the customer to an imposter website. The purpose is to steal all the customer’s personal details. As the text alert looks similar to a bank message, they are easily teasing customers.

This is the information requested by the fake site:

The link is clicked by the customer believing it to represent a bank message. It then automatically links the customer to an untrue website, where they will be asked to verify their account or reopen it. It looks like a legit Truist Alarm Scam website, with Truist branding everywhere.

The following information may be required by the website:

  • Username and password for Truist bank
  • Credit card details.
  • Full name
  • Address.
  • Details of the Bank account.
  • Social security number (SSN).

These scammers could use the information that you provided in the following manners:

  • You can withdraw all of the money from your bank account.
  • You have full access and control over your Truist accounts
  • Steal all of your personal identity.
  • You can use it online to purchase from different sites.
  • You can control other web accounts using the same login details.

How to recognize Truist Alert Scams messages?

The truth is, it can be very difficult to identify a scam message when one doesn’t pay close enough attention. You might notice the following errors to help you identify fraudulent messages:

  • It is possible that the message contains grammatical or spelling errors.
  • It may be necessary to quickly act upon the message.
  • The link may be a little outlandish.
  • The message could ask for your personal data.


Truist could steal all of your personal information. So it is vital to be alert and thoroughly review all messages. This article has all the details. This article shares complete details about Truist Warning Scam , and additional information on how to recognize such scam messages.