One of the most challenging tasks for students during their college or university life is writing essays. It is to be very boring task to students for which, they have to sit straight, gather information, spend hours in writing, submit the task and then to start working on the next one with the same fatigue. 

They look for alternative ways to make this as a writing task much easier. You will be happy to know that there are essay writing tools and platforms that can really help you in this regard and can make your mind feel relaxed. No need to get extra pain! Even if you have to write Essays about narrative topics, you can get it done without much effort and without any trouble. 

How to write a narrative essay? 

If you focus on some important points then you can easily write a narrative essay. Let’s have a look at these important points: 

  • Decide the tone- when it comes to writing a narrative essay, its tone should be expressive, creative and emotional. The most important goal of writing narrative essays is to keep the topic engaging. While keeping the readers attentive, you should focus on giving them better understanding of your overall experience. 
  • Writing style- narrator essays are usually written as a first person. It actually helps to make a strong connection of The Reader with the story any he feels like he is actually a part of it. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that you can write a functional as well as non-functional narrative essay. 

Structure of a narrative essay: 

Once you are clear about the tone and the style of narrative essay, you should also pay special attention to its structure. It usually contains the following parts

  • Introduction- narrative essay usually starts with rhetorical question, a shocking statement a funny anecdote, etc. so as to build the interest of the reader in the story. He should make feel that he is going to read something really interesting and new. 
  • Body- Then there comes the body of the essay in which you have to explain the whole story. The story should be explained in such a way and in such an order that the readers can understand it exactly in the same way like you are aiming to do. Avoid using awkward writing transitions otherwise the reader will lose his interest in the story. There should be the chain of information and story from first paragraph till the last paragraph. 
  • Conclusion- No essay is considered complete without conclusion. After explaining the whole story, you should conclude the whole topic at some words. The conclusion of the story should cover three important aspects that are the following:
    • Moral- Concisely, mention the moral of the story. 
    • Revelation- You should mention what did the main character in the story achieve. 
    • Prediction- Any addition so as to bring reader’s attention towards further action in the story. 

If you will follow the above-mentioned things while writing narrative essays then I’m sure that readers will enjoy it to the most and they will feel like they have not read the story but actually lived it.