FIFA 22 Division Rivals elevates the level of competition. Most players have learned how to invest microtransactions to win against their opponents. This has been a long time since Ultimate Team. This skill guide will get you past the pay-to–win players.

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Improving your defense

When possible, it is a great idea to defend with the midfielders. If you’re using a combination of them, the analogue stick should be used or the L1 key to select CDMs. It can be used to challenge attackers and track runners. You can also block passing ways. Your center backs won’t be out of shape if you do this. The AI will still maintain a strong defensive position. This generally means that even though your CDM is defeated, your center backs will still be there to neutralize threats.

A standing tackle and a sliding handle are usually sufficient. You can defend your position by staying mobile and using the L2 button on your keyboard to push your opponent wide. Your body will be properly aligned to stab the ball away. However, if your body is not in a good position, you can stop the attackers from passing and steer them away from the goal.

You must keep cool, be strong and defensive, and not let your opponent catch you by surprise. Overcommitting can lead to defeat. Avoid being too aggressive, as you may be eliminated. Instead, make things difficult for the opponent until they make mistakes.

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If you can’t stop your attacker from scoring, the best you can do is reduce their chances of scoring. If you are aware that your opponent is using players, you can try to push them into their weaker leg or at least move them further. Stop your opponent team trying to hit from more unlikely angles or beyond the box. However, be aware of long-range Finesse shot in FIFA22. They have a lot power. While you might lose some goals along the way, getting past your odds will help you at least get the best chance of winning the game.

Improve your attack

No matter your strategy, no matter what approach you take, our first tip is to make sure that you aren’t losing the ball. You can’t score goals without the ball. It’s the best way of scoring, but pulling your opponent away from their position is not the best.

When you get the chance to play, you must continue working the ball and moving forward. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot concede if the ball remains in your possession. This keeps you in the driver’s seat and will unavoidably lead to mistakes that can hurt your chances of scoring.

While you don’t necessarily need to be a pro at dribbling, mastering a few skills moves can be beneficial. Fake shots can be used to beat your opponents. To gain a few yards, press the shoot button and then the pass buttons simultaneously. If you’re one on one with a goalie, you can make use of this tactic by sitting them down to shoot into an empty box. This significantly increases your chances of succeeding which is what you absolutely want.

Feel confident changing plays and moving it wide. FIFA 22 is very useful in crossing. Your wide players should cross in crossing situations. If possible, ensure you have other options at the far and near posts.

This year, the aerial was more effective and makes lofted through shots extremely dangerous. The triangle button is used to propel the ball into space. Keep the L1 button pressing. Instead of throwing the ball at the feet, give it more bite. Your striker will be able to take it and run onto it.