MLS is the place where much of the real estate action happens. It is the place where real estate agents come to search for homes for their clients. What’s stopping you from using a flat-fee MLS service offered by discount real estate brokers in Hawaii to list your home on the MLS in exchange for a small fee?

Well, there are some things that you must think about before jumping on the FSBO bandwagon. Here are three of them: 

  1. Even when you use the services of a discount real estate broker, you would still be required to pay up the buyer’s agent fee, which is around 2.5 to 2.8% of the home sale price in Hawaii. A big number—88%—of home buyers in Hawaii work with an agent whose payment comes from your pocket. 
  2. A deciding point—FSBO homes generally sell for less than homes that are sold by agents. On average, homes on for sale by owner websites fetch 6% less amount as compared to the properties represented by agents.
  3. You have to do all the legwork when you are selling your house by yourself. Managing your home sale, handling pricing, arranging for professionals like a photographer and an appraiser, doing paperwork, and handling negotiations without a full-service agent can get tricky for anybody.

Features of discount real estate brokers in Hawaii

Here’s what to expect from discount real estate brokers in Hawaii:

  • Offers a-la-carte services: Many realtors in Hawaii offer specialized packages at an additional cost. However, home sellers tend to only choose the realtor that offers the most number of services at the lowest price.
  • Provides maximum exposure: Discount real estate brokers in Hawaii provide as much exposure as possible by integrating listings with sites like Zillow, Redfin, etc. to attract a high number of sellers.
  • Low listing fees: Sellers have the option to choose a basic listing package at a lower cost. Basic or medium value for money packages are favorites among home sellers.
  • Quick listing: Sellers tend to opt for discount real estate brokers that list their homes on MLS and real estate websites in the shortest possible time to make the home selling process quick.
  • Customer service: Home sellers prefer good customer service as they have to get in touch with an agent often and good customer support makes their task easier.
  • Technology savvy: Technology makes sellers’ life easy and saves their time and money. A discount real estate broker in Hawaii offering cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive seller’s dashboard is attractive to home sellers.

Top 7 discount real estate brokers in Hawaii you must know about

  1. Houzeo

Houzeo offers affordable flat fee MLS packages and uses technology to provide excellent, convenient, and affordable real estate services to home sellers. Houzeo operates in over 80 markets in the US. Its basic flat fee MLS package allows you to list your home on the MLS for a flat fee without paying the 3% listing agent’s commission. So, you can customize your package, control your expenses, and save money by choosing only the services you require.

  1. Jeffrey Samuels 

Jeffrey Samuels is a realtor in Oahu who offers services comparable to a traditional agent for a small fee. While the realtor charges higher than other flat-fee service providers, he offers greatly enhanced support. As a local broker, he is well aware of the island’s real estate trends and can offer valuable advice to sellers. Jeffrey Samuels’ USD 3,500 package is on a higher end but includes most things a home seller would need. He can also organize showings, evaluate your house, and negotiate to get you the best sale.

  1. Fizber 

If you just need an MLS listing with a few property photo uploads Fizber is a good option. While the customer service and usage of Fizber is easy, it is worth noting that Fizber has met with allegations that it simply outsources the listing to other flat-fee service providers and offers inconsistent services.

  1. Hawaii Flat Fee

Hawaii Flat Fee can again be your choice of discount real estate broker in Hawaii if all you want is a simple MLS listing without any additional services. While many of its competitors limit you to a listing duration of six months or less, Hawaii Flat Fee offers a standard listing term of 12 months. You can make 10 changes to your MLS listing free of cost. You have the choice to upgrade to a full-service package offered at 1% of the home sale price. The service provider is available only in Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu.

  1. is a full-service realtor in Hawaii that helps you to sell your house at a low commission. You can save a lot of money in commissions working with the company while selling your home at a good price. OahuRE offers a full-service package with various benefits like photography, showing feedback system, transaction management system, customized website, etc. at a 2% commission. offers an agent management service under which an agent is assigned to you to help you stay updated without contacting many different professionals. 


Flatlist lets you stand out in a crowded real estate market. While its competitors let you upload only 10 photos, you can upload up to 25 photos without paying any extra money with Flatlist. The listing service is offered with the state and federal disclosure forms, HOA addendums, plus counter offer forms, seller’s property disclosures, etc. Flatlist doesn’t give you a choice to choose a basic listing package and serves the regions of Oahu, Big Island, Maui County, and Kauai.

  1. FSBO

FSBO is a discount real estate broker in Hawaii that lets you list your home with a basic package available for a minuscule amount of USD 99. However, if you want full coverage, their USD 399 subscription is better. FSBO offers low-cost packages but does not offer a range of services like hiring a real estate attorney or a professional photographer. Also, products like open house posts, yard signs, pamphlets, etc. are not included in the whole package and are charged separately.

Ways to lower your commission

You are looking for the best discount real estate brokers in Hawaii in order to save on your realtor commission. So, why not look for some other avenues where you can save money while making a home sale? Below, find a small guide on how to lower your commission:

  • First of all, you must know the worth of your property. The average real estate commission charged in Hawaii directly influences the price of your home and lowering your overall commission is not a possibility. But what you can do is fix the price of your property so as to attract maximum buyers and get a good sale price. Also, negotiations get reasonable once you get to know the reference point. 
  • Secondly, if possible you must buy and sell your home with the same discount real estate brokers in Hawaii. Buying and selling with the same broker has its own advantages like you have a greater chance to receive refunds and cheaper commissions. 
  • Thirdly, you must find ways to reduce your buyer agent fees. As most of the buyers work with an agent, you can offer a competitive buyer commission for maximum savings. You can remove the risk factor associated with selling your house to lower your fee with the listing agent. 

Final word

Choosing the right kind of discount real estate broker in Hawaii heavily impacts your savings on commission. Discount real estate brokers can benefit you the most when your house is a little expensive. If your house is priced at a lower end, you can instead pick a Flat Fee MLS company for maximum savings.