The warmer weather has finally set in. One of the best parts is that you can do away with your heavy, closed-toed boots and shoes to replace them with super comfortable and stylish sandals for women. Looking for ways to buy comfortable sandals for women? We can help! Ipanema brings forth a designer range of super stylish and comfortable sandals for women -well-suited for all occasions. You can shop the latest sandal trends by browsing through categories of colours, patterns, styles, and sizes.

Choosing the Best Sandals for Women

Like most other variants of footwear, choosing the right pair of women’s sandals depends on several factors. If you are on a shopping spree for the most comfortable sandals for women, here are some important factors to consider:

#What is Your Need?

Do you look forward to spending a day at the beach? Are you looking for a replacement pair for your ankle boots? Just like heels or flats, women’s sandals can be worn on a wide range of occasions while being paired with a number of designer outfits. Therefore, when you are searching for the best pair of attractive sandals, you should initially consider your exact requirements. 

This way, as you advance in the shopping decision, you are able to narrow down your expectations effectively.

#Height of Heels

The next important thing to consider is the overall heel height. Higher heels imply that the sandals are somewhat of a formal appearance. Therefore, these can be great for wearing to your office or a summer evening outing. On the other hand, when you opt for flat sandals, these serve as the perfect footwear for a casual warm-weather outing -whether you are shopping or running some errands. 

At the same time, stacked or wedged heels for sandals are great for a casual, daytime event. If you wish to wear sandals to a formal event, try pairing the same with slimmer heels.

#Closed or Open Toes

Depending on your comfort and style level, you can choose between closed and open-toed styles of sandals. Closed-toed women’s sandals are a classic combination of sandals and flats. The closed-toed pattern can make your footwear appear highly work-appropriate. On the other hand, the open-toed sandals are perfect for an informal appearance.

You can think of pairing your favourite closed-toed sandals with a stylish pencil skirt while showing them off with cropped slim pants and a designer blazer at your workplace. The closed-toed sandals can easily transition into casual environments -like an after-office party or getaway with friends.

#Level of Comfort

If you plan to wear designer sandals for more than an hour or two, it is important to ensure that they are secure and supportive of keeping the feet comfortable all day long. You should look for styles featuring adjustable straps, arch support, and comfortable padding to keep your feet secure throughout. The sandals should also feature a large sole such that your heels or toes are not hanging off at the end. 

Instead of slip-on or flip-flop styles, you should select a pair with ankle straps or a slingback to retain the shoes on the feet without any effort. 

#Your Favourite Pick

Shows are indeed great to experiment with and have fun with your personal style. However, sandals can be particularly exciting. When you shop for designer sandals at Ipanema, you will have a myriad of styles to choose from. You should search for sandals with interesting colours and fun details, beautiful straps, and other advanced features that you adore. 

You should not hesitate to pick up styles featuring attractive embellishments -like medallions and cool, trendy patterns. If you are looking to keep up with the latest sandal trends, you can look for the vast collection of designer and comfortable sandals for women at Ipanema.


Sandals are the ideal choice of women’s footwear for your stylish summer hits. Stylish, comfortable, and easy to slip on & off, women’s sandals are the must-have summer essentials for several reasons. With sandals a staple for women’s trendy fashion this season, ensure that you shop for yourself a pair that you can carry along with comfort and style. Browse through the designer range of trendy women’s sandals at Ipanema!