From managing a big team of security guards to ensuring every member of your workforce reports on time, owning a security company can turn challenging, especially if you are planning to handle everything manually. And as you try to explore more opportunities this venture brings to you, you would also have to consider other things like managing the client’s location, patrolling routes and shift timings. 

If this is something you can relate to, we bet you are looking for an outstanding security guard management software that will automate everything and make sure there is no hint of human error or miscommunication. 

But, here’s a fact. There are a wide variety of security systems available in the market. But, which one is right for you? Here is a small guide to help you through it. Read on to explore the five features you must look out for when choosing a management software for your security company. 

Real-Time Tracking

This should be a must-have deal when choosing a management software. A real-time tracking feature allows you to get real-time insights into your security guards and their current location. Tracking your security guards manually can be really confusing and challenging, especially if you have a whole team of guards working for you. 

But, with this automated feature, you can enjoy a wide variety of additional features like incident reporting, emergency alarms, scheduling and tracking. These features help you provide better security services and help you manage faster. 

Cloud System

One of the greatest innovations of security guard software is that it offers a cloud base to keep an eye on your security guards from anywhere in the world. Regardless of your location, you could manage and operate your security guards and keep your business up and running in real-time. 

In short, this feature offers greater flexibility and effectiveness, allowing you to provide the best security services to your clients. 


Want everything at your fingertips? Make sure to choose software that not only comes with a variety of features but is also quite easy to understand and use. While it’s pretty obvious that a software jaded with different features might not be extremely easy to understand, but when choosing a software, make sure you prefer the user interface too. 

A user-friendly interface would allow you to manage and operate your business easily. Moreover, it would also ensure that your security guards can easily access the software after attending a small training. 

Advanced Reporting

The most time-consuming task of your security business has to be reporting security guards present at different sites. And, if done manually, the entire process can be exhausting for the managers. 

However, software with an advanced reporting feature would allow you to send alert notifications related to your guard’s schedules. Moreover, the guards, once signed in, can easily report everything from incident reporting to the final delivery. And, because everything would be stored in the cloud, you can easily access the data anytime you want. This would allow you to make weekly and monthly reports easily. 

Easy Scheduling 

Scheduling your security guard’s daily routine can be extremely time-consuming. But, what if you could automate everything from assigning tasks to gaining insight on the completed tasks? A management software for a security company is just that. 

It allows you or your manager to create a schedule and save it in the form of a template. And, if the template requires any changes, you can simply edit the template and send it to your security guards. 

The Takeaway

Automating your security business is probably the best decision you will ever make. But, before you make a choice and select a software for your needs, you need to take a look at the features it offers. Lastly, make sure that the software is easy to understand, easy to use and affordable.