The catering market in the US is experiencing continuous growth year after year. Today, we are more and more devoted to work and responsibilities, and consequently, spend a significant part of the day away from home. It is the active lifestyle that contributes to the search for new solutions to eat quickly and healthily. In many offices, tasty food in the form of daily breakfast or fruit baskets is a common thing. However, the demand for catering in corporations, schools, kindergartens, or events is growing, and this is where catering New York comes in help. So what should a catering kitchen be equipped with in order to provide top-quality service?

What equipment is needed for catering?

The equipment of any catering company is based on equipment that is basic and necessary for its proper operation:

  • Catering Vehicle
  • Display and Decor equipment
  • Tables/Chairs/Tablecloths
  • Serving Equipment
  • Cleaning Supplies

Depending on the scope of the business and the amount of food prepared, you will need equipment of different sizes. In order to properly select equipment that meets your needs, you should also determine the scale of the business.

Regardless of the size of the business, the catering equipment must include stainless steel tables for food preparation, a refrigerated cabinet for product storage, a catering oven for heat treatment, or a kitchen. Equally necessary will be soup kettles, food warmers, and water heaters. The catering business also requires transport thermoses. These will make it easier to transport meals and keep them at the right temperature for hours.

In addition to the basic catering equipment, there is also a group of products that facilitate the work in the kitchen and that exceed the capabilities of human hands with their efficiency and capabilities.


The machines are characterized by high efficiency, reaching up to 500 kg/h. They allow you to effectively and quickly shred large quantities of vegetables or fruits, which is a very important asset for professional users. Each of the shredders can be equipped with an appropriate disc chopping products into the shape of bars, chips, slices, or even preparing pulp for potato pancakes.


A multifunctional machine that is perfect for grinding, chopping, blending, mixing, emulsifying, or even keeping products at the right temperature. The machine is equipped with an asynchronous motor suitable for continuous operation.


These are professional catering equipment made of high-quality materials and used for baking, grilling, steaming, and blanching. A unique feature of convection-steam ovens is the ability to cook fish, rice, and vegetables at the same time, without fear of penetrating odors.

Every successful catering NYC should take care of the proper equipment to maximize its efficiency and client satisfaction.