Check out this culinary slang by wepickler that you hear on the pickleball court and its application to the rules.

It’s best to leave the kitchen if you can’t take the heat.

Many of us have heard this old saying, and pickleball is no exception.

Players are restricted from doing certain things inside “the kitchen” of the pickleball court. For beginners, understanding pickleball rules can be challenging, but Pro Tips is here to explain the kitchen and what you need to know.


There are seven feet between the net and the sidelines of the pickleball court that constitute the kitchen, which is the non-volley zone.


Although the origin of the term isn’t clear, it may have originated from another sport.

During shuffleboard, players can lose points in the kitchen, an area behind the primary scoring zones called the “10-off” area. Pickleball and shuffleboard can both be played in bad spots in the kitchen.


You need to know the pickleball kitchen rules now that you know where it is. A unique aspect of pickleball is the way it differs from other racquet sports.

  • If you want to volley the ball while standing in the kitchen, you cannot touch the kitchen line or stand in it. A point is awarded to your opponent if any part of your body makes contact with these areas. As a result of this rule, players are not allowed to stand at the net for the entirety of the match.
  • You must contact the ground in order to comply with this rule. If you stand behind the line, is it possible to hit the ball out of the air? Possibly, but another kitchen rule could lead to a fault.
  • A player loses a point if they drop anything they are wearing or carrying in the kitchen. Paddles, sunglasses, and hats all fall into this category. There’s still a fault when your wallet or keys fall out of your pocket.
  • Be aware that you cannot enter the kitchen on the strength of your momentum. For your opponent to avoid a fault, you must stay out of the kitchen while volleying the ball. Dead balls can even be faulted.

Suppose the ball bounces off the wall and lands in the kitchen after a short dink? It is still possible to play it in the kitchen. Only volleys and shots hit out of the air are covered by the rules above. Be aware that your opponent could take advantage of your standing in the kitchen with a volley if you simply stand there. It is crucial to get out of the kitchen as fast as possible even if you are staying in the kitchen for a long time. The playing surface outside of the kitchen must be in contact with both feet before a volley can be hit.

While you play volley in a doubles match, you can keep your partner in the kitchen as long as they don’t touch you.

New pickleball players may find it difficult to understand the rules of the kitchen. Your next pickleball match will be easier once you’ve become familiar with the kitchen.

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