Managing and organizing an outdoor event of any size can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. When it comes to planning a large-scale event, therefore, it is even more important that you plan every single detail to ensure success.

So, if you have been charged with organizing such an event, then continue reading to learn about the top four tips to help you along the way. 

  1. Prioritize the Comfort of All Attendees

Obviously, or hopefully at least, the entertainment or lecturers who will be performing or speaking at the event will be engaging enough to hold the audience’s attention and  your guests will enjoy their time from start to finish. 

However, when it comes to the contentment and comfort of the guests, this falls firmly under your jurisdiction and as such, it is your duty to ensure this comfort continues throughout the event’s duration. 

Prepare for any kind of weather, and if you are holding your event in the cooler winter months, you should also have heaters ready to be turned on if needed. Additionally, ensure that you have enough toilets available to handle the number of expected guests. 

  1. Focus on Accessibility

Along with the incredibly important health and safety guidelines which you are both morally and legally bound to follow, it is also vital that you ensure that the entire site of your outdoor event is 100% accessible. 

Ensure that emergency exits, as well as paths and smaller walkways, are sufficiently lit and that there are ramps and other types of access points installed in key areas on-site. Additionally, be sure to order enough signage to cover the entirety of the location and that they are visible to all. 

  1. Use Large Advertising Campaigns 

As large as your event is and the more guests you have attending, the more you need to push and advertise your event to as many people as possible.

Even if the guest list is on an invite-only basis, you need to boost your brand or company awareness as much as humanly possible and therefore look into large advertising boards and national campaigns. Also, you should conduct research into lamination types for large format printing – why, when & what?

There are, luckily, plenty of ways to advertise your large-scale event:

  • Create a specific event hashtag and use it for all online promotions
  • Utilize your various social media platforms
  • Sell special VIP tickets for those who are willing to donate more to the cause
  • Learn effective SEO (search engine optimization) tools and techniques 
  1. Invest in Quality Equipment

Hopefully, you are already fully aware of the importance and the sheer volume of different types and forms of equipment needed to make any kind of outdoor event happen in the first place. 

If you are hiring caterers, they need to have ready specialist equipment and tools for storing, heating, serving, and cooling the food, and if you have guest speakers or even a band or singer, then the correct visual and audio equipment are also needed.