Sorrento, Italy is a city that has it all. From the beautiful beaches to the bustling nightlife, there’s just so much to do in this little paradise.

If you’re looking for a place that, has it all but doesn’t take itself too seriously, Sorrento is definitely the place to go.

The beach is amazing. The sand on the beach at Marina Piccola is white and fine; it’s like powdered sugar. And it’s so soft you can eat it! There are tons of restaurants and cafes around town where you can get creative with your food choices, like in this burger place with amazing shakes or this pasta restaurant where you can watch the chefs make your meal right in front of you. 

The architecture is gorgeous – check out all these houses built into cliffs overlooking the sea! Sorrento, Italy is a beautiful, picturesque town. With its countless picturesque views, it’s not hard to see why people flock here from all over the world. Here are 6 fresh reasons why you have to visit Sorrento:

  1. Fantastic food

The food in Sorrento is absolutely delicious, especially at any wedding reception venues Mornington Peninsula. Not only do they have some truly authentic Italian cuisine but they also have amazing seafood dishes like fish soup with pasta or pasta with seafood sauce! There’s also plenty of local Italian specialties like salame piccante (spicy salami). The food in Sorrento is absolutely incredible. From pizza to pasta, this Italian region has some of the best food in the world. If you’re looking for a place where you can eat amazing Italian food without paying an arm and a leg for it, then Sorrento is definitely the place for you!

  1. The weather!

The climate in this part of Italy is perfect year-round. You can enjoy scorching summer days on the beach or freezing winter nights listening to live music while drinking hot chocolate by candlelight without ever having to worry about getting sick or having a bad hair day!

  1. It’s got an old-world charm

Sorrento was once part of the Kingdom of Naples and has retained its unique character from its past. The town is located on the Amalfi Coast and is surrounded by stunning scenery and gorgeous beaches. There are also some truly magnificent buildings in this area which are worth checking out if you have time for sightseeing. These include the cathedral and castle which sit on top of a hill overlooking the town below.

  1. The food is incredible

Italy is known for its food and Sorrento is no exception here! You will find countless restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine here which makes it a great destination for anyone looking for some good taste buds! The local specialty in this area is seafood – they have some amazing fish dishes available such as grilled or fried fish with vegetables.

  1. The best beaches

Sorrento is known for its beaches. There are more than 20 miles of coastline with crystal clear waters and amazing sand dunes. If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach, this is definitely the place to go!

  1. Gorgeous architecture

Sorrento’s architecture is some of the most spectacular in Italy. The town has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has been shaped by three different cultures: Etruscans, Greeks and Romans. You can see remnants of all three civilizations throughout Sorrento’s old town area including churches, fountains and ruins dating back to antiquity!