What is PPPoker's traffic like EasyPPPoker explains (1)

Poker apps continue to grow in popularity. Stable software, user-friendly interfaces, a variety of games and the possibility of playing among friends and family in private clubs encourage many to join some of the best apps of the moment.

There are those who only take into account aspects such as the playful offer of games and tournaments or the customization possibilities that the app allows. Factors that undoubtedly contribute to the choice of one platform or another.

However, as we will discover from the expert portal in the best poker clubs of the PPPoker app, EasyPPPoker, there is a key aspect to be assessed when downloading a poker app: traffic

What is poker traffic and why is it important?

Before diving into the traffic of the PPPoker app, the experts at EasyPPPoker clarify this concept: “We understand by traffic the number of players that congregate in an online poker room or in an app, as in this case,” they say. 

“In the reviews of a poker app, we always analyze its traffic. It is one of the most important aspects to evaluate,” EasyPPPoker points out. Thus, a distinction can be made between low, medium or high traffic, depending on the number of players on the platform. 

The importance of traffic in a poker room or app, as we can imagine, is determined by the fact that the more players there are in the app, the more tables there will be available to play. 

“Imagine downloading an app with a 10-star design, a wide variety of games and infinite possibilities for customization, but no users to play with. How important is it, then, the rest of the aspects?”, experts wonder.

As we can see, traffic is a determining factor when choosing between one app or another. In the case of PPPoker, it is a compelling reason to be chosen as one of the best apps of the moment.

How is the traffic in PPPoker?

Understanding the importance of traffic in a poker app, we analyze in depth the traffic of the PPPoker app by EasyPPPoker.

“The PPPoker app, with a relatively short history, has achieved, as of today, more than 1,000 active tables available 24 hours a day. These tables are mostly made up of recreational players, who have joined the app’s best clubs, such as Time2Win, Twelve Apostles or Sparks Chips,” EasyPPPoker tells us. 

If we talk about the origin of the players, we should point out several points of the planet. From Asian to American players, without forgetting Indian or Brazilian users. The fame of these players, considered “fishes” in poker jargon, attracts many grinders looking for soft tables to increase their earnings. 

“The PPPoker app is one of the best rated in terms of traffic, enjoying particular popularity in Asia and Latin America,” explain the experts. “This is why the peak traffic hours coincide with the evenings in Asia. 

At this point, it should be recalled that the PPPoker app hosts more than 25 clubs, belonging to different Unions. The term union is a basic concept in the world of poker apps. A concept that you have to handle as well as others like bet or raise, explained in the article nombres10.top. 

“Unions work in a similar way to how a network would work in the case of online poker rooms. They are a kind of umbrella that hosts different clubs, which share traffic and games with each other”, EasyPPPoker explains. 

Should we therefore consider to which Union the club we are joining belongs, we ask ourselves. “Of course. Traffic varies from one Union to another, so it is a factor to take into account when choosing one or another club,” EasyPPPoker explains.

To guide players, EasyPPPoker points out Primetime Mega Union as the best within the PPPoker app. “Primetime Mega Union has a massive traffic of players. Thus, the clubs belonging to this union guarantee 24/7 action and the most competitive games,” say the experts. 

Finally, we should point out which are these clubs where the game possibilities are multiplied thanks to the high traffic enjoyed by this union. “Undoubtedly, Time2Win, disputes the top positions in the ranking of clubs in the PPPoker app,” EasyPPPoker points out. 

In addition to this club belonging to the Primetime Mega Union, there are other clubs of reference in terms of player traffic, such as Twelve Apostles, belonging to the Australian Union or Spark Chips, which is part of the Pinoy Donks Union.

To join these clubs, where you will find a wide variety of tournaments in different formats and games 24 hours a day, you only have to enter the ID of each club that you will find on the EasyPPPoker website.

About PPPoker

The PPPoker app was launched at the end of 2020, causing a real revolution in the industry, as it led to a strong resurgence of online poker. 

Since then, it is a constantly growing app, which enjoys great appreciation among players of all levels. In addition to its excellent traffic, it is worth highlighting other qualities that make it one of the best poker apps of the moment. Among them, the tournaments are a great attraction for new users.

“In its origins, the app only contemplated cash tables. However, the growing fame and popularity of tournaments led to their inclusion in PPPoker. The success was immediate and the prize pools reached very significant amounts,” EasyPPPoker concludes.

In addition, both in tournaments and cash games, you can find limits and betting structures suitable for any pocket. The variant par excellence Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the most popular modalities, although without ruling out Chinese Poker, which is also very popular. 

In short, the PPPoker app has many virtues, including high player traffic, which have catapulted it to the top of the ranking of the best online poker apps.