TheWiSpy is a well-reputed monitoring app that gains positive attention from its users. It competes well in terms of pricing with other monitoring apps. However, you need to root the Android devices for some advanced features. Once rooted, you will get a reliable and trustworthy service from the ultimate mobile tracking app.

The advanced features lead this monitoring app in every aspect.

This article will help you find the details to understand a mobile tracker. It will fully update you regarding the functions and their purpose.

Let us begin this article with TheWiSpy description.

Understanding TheWiSpy: 

TheWispy is a monitoring app that works in a complete stealth mode to track the target devices remotely. It can access all the online and offline affairs. No wonder TheWiSpy is among our list of feature-enriched best tracking apps for Android in 2022.

The Dashboard and Demo: 

It is the main page of the remote web-based controller. Users log in to view everything happening on the target mobile and get detailed reports. The account is accessed effortlessly with the friendly dashboard. Everything is distinctly laid out for the user’s ease of use.

The accessibility of reports is quick, and the controls for alerts or remote commands are straightforward. In the past, understanding the instructions and using such user panels was exhausting. But TheWiSpy has done a brilliant job in keeping it undemanding. Suppose you want hands-on experience with TheWiSpy app. In that case, its demo account is available on wispy official website with complete details so that you may not miss the taste of it.

Features of TheWiSpy: 

Since writing details about all 40+ features of TheWiSpy will be difficult to reckon with, here is a concise list of some of the top features it encompasses. Want to know what you can achieve through this app? Read along, please;

  • Call, Contacts, and Text Monitoring:

It is the most basic feature you will find in TheWiSpy app. The call management allows users to track mobile number call details, record the incoming and outgoing calls at the target device. The recordings are available on the dashboard. Call logs include names, phone numbers, date, time, and duration of the call.

The address book of the target mobile comes in handy when the monitored person is out of reach. You can contact their friends and colleagues through their numbers on the contact list available at TheWiSpy dashboard. 

The fundamental reason to monitor the SMS services is to cover every corner. We know that social media has taken over in the past decade; still, text messages are considered safe regarding digital imprints. The details of a text message include name, number, complete message content, date, and time.

  • Surround Sound Recording:

You can listen to the environment of the target device in real-time covertly. The function is beneficial to confirm the safety of the loved one or to monitor the employee for quality purposes. 

  • Spy Camera:

After listening to the surroundings, you may want to see the environment near the target mobile. The easiest way is to take control of the front and rear camera of the target mobile. TheWiSpy lets its users take pictures of the surroundings which are then uploaded on the app’s dashboard.

  • Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing:

The location finding of the target mobile has never been easier. A mobile phone tracker is the topmost required feature of any monitoring app—you can view the history of locations and current location on Google Maps in the dashboard of TheWispy.

  • Social Media Monitoring:

TheWispy covers monitoring the famous social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, and Whatsapp. All IM chats and multimedia files are viewable from the dashboard of the monitoring app.

  • Keywords Alerts:

TheWiSpy subscriber can set alerts for specific words. If the monitored person uses those triggering words, you will get notified instantly. The same goes for the target person crossing a geo-fenced area.

  • Application Management:

The app management equips users to check the detailed usage report of apps installed on the device. Also, the frequency of its use and duration.

  • Remote Accessibility:

The remote accessibility of the target smartphone is beneficial in restarting the mobile, turning it on/off, remote locking, and handling other features.

  • Browsing History Monitoring:

The said feature allows you to view the visited URLs of the websites along with the date and time stamps. It helps users know how the target user spends time on internet surfing.

  • Gmail:

All the Emails sent or received on Gmail are downloadable through TheWiSpy. You can read the Email content with the date and time. You can also filter Emails with this ultimate mobile tracking app.

The Complete List of Features:

  • App Block
  • Web Block
  • Youtube Detail
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Screen Recording
  • Instagram Spy
  • Snapchat Spy
  • Viber Spy
  • Facebook Spy
  • Whatsapp Spy
  • Gmail Spy
  • Lock Screen Remotely
  • Keyword Alert
  • Call Block
  • Spy Browser History
  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Capture Picture
  • Call Recording
  • Remote Upgrade
  • Remote Commands
  • Device Switch
  • Application Management
  • Message Monitoring
  • Call Logs
  • Customer Support
  • Easy to Install
  • Calendar Events
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Voices
  • Locations
  • Visibility Option
  • Battery Status
  • WiFi Logger
  • Renew Anytime
  • Free Updates
  • Uninstall Protection
  • Run in Hidden Mode

TheWiSpy Installation Process: 

People search for “android spy app remote installation” over internet. But there is no way to install monitoring app remotely. You will need physical access to target device for one time installation. The user-friendly interface and installation process make it easy for users to get started in no time in 3 simple steps.

  • Register and get a license with TheWiSpy app
  • Install the app on target mobile
  • Start using the control panel/dashboard to monitor

You can find the detailed installation guide on their intuitive website.

TheWiSpy For Android: 

TheWiSpy app works well with any Android smartphone with version 4.0 or above. It is worth mentioning here that no feature requires rooting of the device. You need one-time access to the mobile/tablet to install the app in them, and voila! You are good to go. 

Reasons to Get TheWiSpy: 

The obvious reasons to use TheWiSpy are its advanced features. Among other spy apps for Android in 2022, TheWiSpy app provides better quality.

  • It works in full stealth mode
  • No rooting required
  • Easy to use
  • Remote upgrading and renew options
  • Free updates 

Final Words: 

TheWiSpy features some one-of-a-kind deals. The price packages are light on pockets and don’t cost an arm or leg. A fair number of monitoring options deliver excellent quality monitoring. It is a reliable source of monitoring and lives up to its reputation. A mobile tracker can open the world of possibility.

TheWiSpy subscribers can view everything going in and out of the monitored device. And the impressive feature is to access the camera and microphone of the monitored mobile to check the environment. It’s a non-intrusive app, and you can use all the features without fear of interruption. Plus, no rooting is required for whatsoever reason.